Making The Case For Traditional Marriage

Marriage Educators: Is Traditional Marriage No Longer The Norm?

Does political correctness have the potential to destroy the institution of marriage?

First of all, let's be clear — from all available research evidence, more than 80 percent of all Americans alive today will be married to a person of the opposite sex at least once in his or her lifetime. Marriage — in the Judeo-Christian tradition — is between a man and a woman. Marriage — by this definition — has been dominant for 3000+ years of human history.

Let's face it: the politically correct (PC) crowd is destroying our country. PC is an infringement on our Constitutional right of Free Speech. Moreover, PC is particularly destructive to traditional marriage. Go figure why someone would want to denigrate traditional marriage! And frankly, where does the PC crowd get off telling us what we should think, what we should say, and how we should act?

As marriage educators for the past 30+ years, those who apparently want to destroy the notions of traditional marriage especially disturb us. They even like to mock marriage! They belittle it as if marriage were not the single greatest contributor of social order for the past 3000+ years — as it has been!

Those who bash traditional marriage don't play fair. They want us to accept their behaviors, but are unwilling to accept ours. Thus, they make it politically correct to say that traditional marriage is dying and alternative lifestyles are the norm. Too bad! They will never make a case for their lifestyle by belittling or condemning traditional marriage.

It is strange that some would try to redefine human history. Is there something inherently evil about traditional marriage? Has marriage not served us well over the millennia? Are a man and a woman who have been successfully married for a long period of time now to be vilified? Honestly, are they worthy of ridicule? We think not! Those who attempt to diminish traditional marriage are simply out of touch with thousands of years of human history, out of touch with the biological notions of human reproduction and out of touch with the predominant world notions of marriage.

Let's be straight about this: we have no beef with those who have alternative lifestyles. What people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is not our business, but where do those who practice alternative lifestyles, as well as the mainstream media, get off pushing political correctness by bashing traditional marriage? This notion makes no sense to us at all, given the history and importance of traditional marriage to human history.

So where do we go from here? Do we continue to allow the traditional marriage bashers to get the upper hand? Or, do we say to those who do so, "We do not apologize for traditional marriage!" If you have an alternative lifestyle, go for it! Just don't push your politically correct agenda by making fun of or disparaging traditional marriage, an institution that has been around for 3000+ years of human history.

Here's the truth: Those of us who have been happily married for many years (47 years in our case) will never apologize for our successful marriage or for our lifestyle. But make no mistake — neither will we ever criticize others for having a lifestyle different from ours. However, while we should always be tolerant of the lifestyles of others, we should never allow others to denigrate our own. Traditional marriage is a societal norm and has been so for 30+ centuries of humankind. 

There is a lesson here, friends. Isn't it time that we quit pandering those who bash our traditions? Isn't it time we quit accepting the garbage of those who trash our traditions while wanting us to accept theirs? Isn't it time to quit allowing the PC crowd to redefine what it means to be "normal?" 

And frankly, why do we accept the opinions of those who defy the long established traditions of our country as if they had suddenly and without warning, become the majority? By denigrating our lifestyle, they will ultimately denigrate and diminish their own.

It's okay to be different. It's okay to have an opinion contrary to what the majority believes in. It is quite another to foist your opinions on the majority as if it were the only acceptable opinions to hold. This is political correctness gone mad. It has the potential to destroy marriage — the very institution that has been the foundation of stable societies for over 3,000 years.

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By Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz
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