What Can We Learn From The Secret Service Sex Scandal?

What Can We Learn From The Secret Service Sex Scandal? [EXPERT]

Find out why adultery is a disease that should be viewed as a forgivable sin.

We can certainly learn from the Secret Service agents involved in the "not so secret" prostitution visits. Three of the eleven that were involved in the prostitution scandal have been ousted of their positions. There was one who was asked to resign, a supervisor who was asked to retire and another who left on his own. Why Men Have The 'Madonna-Mistress Complex'

"It's about time something is done about adultery. Everybody should take a stand. These guys should be fired." This is a popular quote that I've been hearing lately on various media outlets.

What these Secret Service agents are going through is what I have been saying for years. This is called a Biochemical Craving for Connection. This is a thrill seeking disease caused by the stress of a job. This disease is very common amongst people in powerful positions such as politicians and attorneys.

The more risk-taking they partake in, the more powerful they feel and vise versa. It's a vicious cycle. Stress, loss and separation cause a downward spiral of thrill seeking behavior. The media refers to it as a "pattern of behavior from being abroad."

It has to do with stress, loss and separation rather than being abroad. Anytime you have a stressful job such as being a Secret Service agent, you get "burnt out." Feeling "burnt out" often causes one to partake in thrill seeking behavior to self medicate and alleviate stress. It's time for our society to do something about this common problem. It's time for us to finally take a stand and treat this as a disease and a forgivable sin. Stress Management: Balancing Work And Love

We need to regularly check on the government officials and see if they're "burnt out." The media is saying that "it's not about 'play time' in this job." Contrary to popular belief, I believe that Secret Service agents need more "play time" because they work too hard. They need to learn how to incorporate "play time" in their lifestyles in order to balance their brain chemicals and manage stress.

Most adulterers are "burnt out" and stressed. Firing them is not the answer. This will only cause the disease to perpetuate itself and bring out a bigger sense of power. As I stated previously, the more risk taking these individuals partake in, the more powerful they feel. The more powerful they feel, the more risk taking they partake in. It really is a vicious cycle. 4 Ways To Protect Your Relationship During the Holidays

I work closely with a medical doctor and we both believe that there is a cure for adultery. Why? It's curable because it is a disease like alcoholism. There is a special program an adulterer can follow that balances a patient's brain chemicals to control irrational thinking and stop risky behavior trends.

The books, Adultery: the Forgivable Sin and Can We Cure and Forgive Adultery? will give you a better understanding on the issue of adultery. 

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