Do You Debate Like Romney & Obama?

Do You Debate Like Romney & Obama? [EXPERT]
Love, Self

3 ways you and your significant other can avoid the same pitfalls as the presidential candidates.

3. Don't over-exaggerate your point. How do you feel when a candidate's presentation is so grandiose and overstated and filled with downright lies? This tactic destroys trust and credibility, even if it gets attention.

I suspect politics is what it is and not likely to change. If anything, it is getting worse. However, this hot political season can serve as a "How Not To Communicate" guide for the vast majority of us who are not running for anything. In short, keep it clean, direct and respectful.

And when you lose your way and go below the belt, remember it says much more about you than it says about your spouse. Then, make every attempt to repair the damage and reconnect with your partner.