Business Management

Years in Practice

25 years +


Boksburg Johannesburg GT 1459 - South Africa



Additional Expertise

Business Coach, Change Management Expert, Life Coach, Neurolanguage Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Everyone including an organization has a summit, a dream to achieve in their life time. They need their capacity , competency and purpose, to be unveiled ,to achieve their full potential. To make dreams come true you need to stay aware and awake and you need the guide to help you to achieve your mountain tops.

About Bill Price, PhD

Dr Bill Price is a strategic sage that guides CEO's and their Executive Teams to their personal best potential and business achievement of their Business strategic objectives in their lifetime. He is a soul that is fully alive and that passion exudes into everything he does whether he is doing Strategic facilitation based on unfolding future-focused realities, or coaching African Royalty and Government leaders, civic leaders and leaders of leaders in the 32 Anglo African speaking countries and abroad. Bill has an honary PhD awarded him for his leadership development work in Africa over 24 years and an academic PhD  in holistic integrated executive strategic coaching in an African context within a Global perspective. He presents a real and conscious with each professional and excellent intervention, as coach ,facilitator and key note speaker-provocateur.

His interactive highly focused integrated presentations about the mind and heart-soul of leadership captivates audiences. The African  "in-the-now", rhythm and soul throb, of every world class intervention, is felt in a very reverberating way. Audiences take away huge personal integrated value-add to practically apply into their realities when they get back.

Bill is President of hte Global Africa Institute of Leading and also trains coaches in various niches to influence , impact, inspire with intentionality. The On-line coaching video academy is an avenue he uses to influence African and international leaders to dare to become their "best Version of self".

He is a grandfather that is leaving a huge legacy deposited with positive intention into the lives of his children and grandchildren. Bill enjoys hiking, walking, gym, red wine, good movies travel,  and spending time with his dear wife and soul-host Estelle - just being.