10 Things You MUST Know About Mr. Right (Trust Us)

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First of all, he EXISTS.

If you haven't found your perfect partner yet, don't worry. You don't have to be the youngest, slimmest or coolest woman around to find your Mr. Right. (In fact, age and maturity are a plus.)

Here are the top 10 things you MUST know about Mr. Right:

1. He Exists

This is really important. Have you been telling yourself he's too good to be true? The reality is, he exists. But if you don't believe it, you're going to have a much harder time finding him.

Think Tinkerbell in Peter Pan. Every time someone says, "I don't believe in fairies," a fairy dies. It's not that extreme, but still ... you get the picture.

2. He's Looking For You, Too

He doesn't want to be stuck in the wrong relationship any more than you do. Like you, he's looking. You may need to help him a bit, but avoid throwing yourself at him — just be someone it feels great to be around.

3. He Doesn't Have A Shelf-Life (And Neither Do You)

Truly. You don't know when the right time is for you to meet. For you to be a great partner, you have to reach a certain level of emotional maturity, which takes time and experience. Don't try to cheat yourself (and him) by rushing it.

4. He Cares About The Little Things

What makes a good romantic movie is nothing like what makes a good long-term relationship — real life lasts rather longer than the 120 minutes. You need to think about the little things you want because, in a long-term relationship, the small things are usually the big things. How do you want to feel about going to the supermarket together? Or facing difficulties together? Or doing housework together?

5. He's Happy

It's a myth that drama and being temperamental are sexy. The reality is, high maintenance behaviors all eventually become a pain in the butt (rather than sexy). You don't really want to be around someone with rollercoaster-like moods long-term, do you? Happiness is a much more valuable commodity. You need to be happy and be with someone who is happy. It's that simple.

6. He's More Than Just Great Sex

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with great sex — there isn't. However, assuming great sex is enough to make a great relationship is a very bad idea.

You want someone who can love you with his words and actions (as well as great sex). Sex is simply one delicious part of what should be a delicious relationship.

7. He Appreciates You

Living with someone long-term is like living under a microscope — you get to see each other's faults in glorious technicolor. Everyone has faults and everyone's faults can be irritating.

The best known antidote to irritation is appreciation. Choose someone — and be someone — truly appreciative of all that is great about their partner.

8. He Makes You Laugh

Couples who laugh together have a better chance of staying together long-term than couples who don't. The more you laugh, the more you'll be able to laugh your way through relationship challenges. It's seriously good for the health of your relationship!

9. He's Not Perfect (Nobody Is)

He just needs to be the right kind of imperfect. If you're a neat freak and he's ... not, that probably won't be a great fit. But if you both feel reasonably relaxed about a few articles of clothing on the bathroom floor, you'll have a much better chance together.

10. He's A Gentleman

If you are thinking long-term, wouldn't you like to be with someone who is gentle on your feelings? Gentleness is frequently undervalued and has a very long shelf-life. It's also great your emotional health.

If you're a mid-life woman who's worried about missing out on the great relationship you really want for yourself, chances are you're selling yourself short because of that double bind thing: until you don't believe it, they won't get it. To find out what's possible for you, and how quickly you can start to unleash your unique irresistible attraction, just drop me an email, to arrange your free 15 minute consultation.

This article was originally published at ChooseYourMan.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.