Fire It Up!


Need extra energy, ability to pay attention, and remember? Read here for a fast, free solution!


Wishing for that perfect pill that will, without fail or side effects, increase your energy, focus, attention, and memory?  There are many marketed formulas from Rockstar and 5-hour energy drinks, to expensive prescriptions, over the counter medications and supplements.  Some have negative side effects from the high amounts of caffeine or sugar.  Others simply lead to a crash a few hours later.   Few have any research supporting their claims.

In a world looking for a quick fix, there is one.  A simple one.  It’s free.  It’s research supported.  It’s highly effective.  You can do it anywhere.  Exercise!  As little as 10 minutes of brisk exercise (walking, jogging, jumping jacks) fires up the hippocampus, (area of the brain responsible to learning and memory) the prefrontal cortex, (attention and concentration) and sends a rush of endorphins that increase energy for several hours.  You don’t have to be an athlete to get results.  The old sayings that “Something is better than nothing” or “A little bit goes a long way” are absolutely true.  So, the next time you find yourself having problems focusing on an assignment, trying to get the bills paid, or falling asleep at your desk, get up and get moving!