The Sex Appeal of...Feet?

The Sex Appeal of...Feet?

As well, sexy footwear helps bridge the size gap. A few plus-sized women have confided that a pedicure and a beautiful pair of shoes is one of the few ways she can feel sexy.

However, like everything else, this power comes at a cost. The irony of the summer heel is they are the about the most unsexy thing for a woman to have in her wardrobe.

Starting in January, women press their faces against displays windows in the search of the perfect summer shoe. This puts a gal in fashion’s tightest corner, as she is confounded with footwear options of the very high, the very bare and the very bright. After much agonizing, she ends up spending a whole month’s salary.

Next is gauging the right time to book a pedicure appointment. Too soon and the nail polish will start rubbing off before it is even seen. Too late, she has to go around with bare toes—oh the horror of it. In the thick of summer, just try and book a last minute pedicure appointment. Darn near impossible.

Finally when the warm weather hits, it is time to put the shoes on for the first time. Which means walking in them.

Think about it. High heels hurt. Not only that, these nasty things conspire to trick the bystander into believing they are a lot more comfortable than they really are. Sandals push the toes forward into a crunched claw position and promote corns, blisters, bunions and over the long term tilt the pelvis.

If that was not enough, the higher and more pointed the heel, the harder it is for the woman to walk. Have you seen some women walking down the sidewalk as if she was the bride of Frankenstein? To add insult to injury, after shelling out all that money the heels are usually scraped or broken in gratings, cracks in the sidewalk and whatever else the heels can find.

All in all, summer heels and manicured feet are simply anything but sexy. Yet, they are powerful and command attention. I guess that is why women come back to this tried and true formula for sexiness summer after summer. The pain is definitely worth the gain.