How Long Should Intercourse Last?

How long should intercourse last?

Question: How long should intercourse last?

Dr. Trina's Response: There’s a belief that in order for a guy to be super studly, he needs to last all through the night. Definitely, there are some guys and gals who would be on board. Generally though, although the closeness of intercourse feels nice it’s probably not getting most women off. Why? Her clitoris isn’t located inside of her vagina. So simply having penis-vagina intercourse all night long will become boring quick. This is especially true when there hasn’t been enough foreplay for a woman’s vagina to become sufficiently aroused. You see while in a resting state a vagina is like a collapsed tube. Once aroused the vaginal canal balloons out and produces her natural lubrication. When her vagina isn’t properly aroused—at least 15 to 20 minutes of foreplay—chaffing can occur making intercourse uncomfortable. So for the average couple, after she is aroused 10 to 15 minutes of intercourse will probably do the trick. However, studies show that the average length of intercourse lasts for three to seven minutes. Great Sex Tip Want the sex to last longer? Focus on tons of foreplay and taking a break during intercourse to do other erotic activities.

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