Help! Should I 'Spit' Or 'Swallow'?


To spit or swallow—that is the question.There are varying opinions on the ‘spit vs. swallow’ BJ debate and whether one is better than the other.

Some people find it unbelievably sexy to swallow their partner’s spunk, while others are repulsed by the idea. Neither is right or wrong. It comes down to personal preference.

Men, in general, prefer to have their partner swallow because it keeps the momentum, intimacy and flow of a good blow job going.

If you’re on the fence, here’s the facts:

  • A man will ejaculate between one to three teaspoons of semen—although men want to believe it’s a lot more
  • The taste of semen is unique to each guy. So if you’ve tried swallowing with one guy and his taste turned you off, it might be a completely different experience with a new fellow.
  • And for those calorie counters, there’s only about five calories per teaspoon—which you’ll be working off during sex so no need to worry.

If you’ve tried to swallow and really don’t like it, no worries. You should never be made to feel guilty. Simply tell your partner, it’s better to have someone giving their Johnson a good licking and not swallow than to have no blow job at all.

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Sex Tip
You can always let the ejaculate flow out of your mouth and onto your hands. The visual effect will drive him wild and save you from swallowing.