Help! My Ex Wants to Be Sex Buddies

Help! My Ex Wants to Be Sex Buddies

Question: My ex has suddenly reappeared in my life and wants to be sex buddies. I’m really tempted.

Many women can have a one night stand or a sex buddy without any emotional complications. However, no-strings-attached-sex can be more tricky when it comes to an ex.

First, it's normal to want to have sex with someone you might have spent a lot of time and heartache trying to get over. They are familiar and so there isn't the drama or awkwardness that can precede a new sex partner.

That said, here’s some things to think about before hopping into the sack.
• The fresher the breakup the stronger your emotions will be and any dormant emotions will be jolted back to life. Do you really want to dredge up those old feelings?
• If the sex is good you may wonder why you broke up in the first place and moving on may take a lot longer.
• Are you willing to reestablish safe sex practices?
• What happens when your ex starts exhibiting traits that had you break up in the first place?
• What if it’s a one-off and you were simply booty call?
• Are you emotionally prepared for when your ex moves on?

If you’re alright with this list, then go ahead have tons of protected sex. Otherwise take a long cold shower and bring out your trusty BOB (battery operated boyfriend) when you feel your resolve wearing thin.

Great Sex Tip

Ultimately satisfying an urge at the sacrifice of self worth is never worth it—yes, even if the ex-sex is amazing.