Help! I Want to Act Out a Fantasy

Help! I Want to Act Out a Fantasy

Question: I want to act out a naughty fantasy with my guy, how do I start/bring it up?

Fantasies are an easy way to add incredible zest to any sexual encounter.

Some fantasies are better left in your imagination as they are too intricate to act out. Many men often fantasize about a threesome and are inevitably disappointed when it doesn’t turn out like their well choreographed daydream.

However, if your fantasy is about seducing the FedEx guy when he delivers a ‘package’ to your door, then by all means go for it.

If you’ve never acted out a fantasy before, it’s important to talk it through with your partner. And, hey, just talking about it will make you both hot and horny.

Make a date. As this is your fantasy, you need to do all the leg work—i.e. buy outfits, accoutrements, etc.—to set it up. Then give your partner very detailed instructions of how you want the fun to unfold.

Finally, let the party begin. Don’t be surprised if it takes a few tries before you feel comfortable enough to lose yourself in the fantasy. Don’t give up. If you stick to it soon enough you’ll be lost in hot sex land.

Great Sex Tip
Start with an easy fantasy like meeting and seducing a ‘stranger’ in a bar, before moving into more complicated ideas.