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Help! I Dreamt I Cheated With My Ex

Help! I Dreamt I Cheated with My Ex

Question: I dreamt that I cheated on my husband with an ex and I feel awful! Does this mean I still want to have sex with my ex?

It’s not just men who have wet dreams—women have sex dreams too. Some dreams get so hot and heavy women can achieve orgasm; hopefully she remembers when she wakes up…

Your ex is apart of your life and it’s natural for you to remember and reflect on any good sex you might have once had.

As such, this dream is probably your way of living out a fantasy. The “having sex with someone else” fantasy, with your ex or whomever, is common. And let’s be real, closing your eyes and imagining sex with someone forbidden is both fun and an easy way to help you feel extremely sexy and erotic.

So the best piece of advice I can give to you feeling guilty is: fantasy and dreams are not reality. Many people fantasize about crazy, wild sex that intellectually they understand will never happen.

It doesn’t mean you cheated on your husband by dreaming you had sex with your ex. Now if you actually went and had sex with your ex, that would make everything complicated. But as it doesn’t sound like that is going to happen, keep dreaming away.

Great Sex Tip
It’s better not to tell your husband about your dream. Although I never condone lying, some things are better left unsaid. However if the guilt is eating away at you, clear the air and tell your husband.

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