Help! How Do I Talk Dirty in Bed?

Help! How Do I Talk Dirty in Bed?
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Question: My partner wants me to talk dirty but I find it really embarrassing. I’d like to try it for him but where do I start?

Talking dirty during sex can be a lot of fun and add a lot to your sexual experience; however, most people don’t have any practice doing it. So it’s probably the lack of practice that’s making you nervous and embarrassed. With a little practice mixed with a bit of courage, you'll be talking sexy in no time!

To help you be successful here are some things to think about before your next sexual encounter. First, start small and go slow. Think of easy things to say like, “I want to tear your clothes off.” The next time you can add something else to your dialogue like, “I want to tear your clothes off and scratch my nails down your back.” And so on.

Next, rehearse what you are going to say. You may feel silly doing it, but this will help immensely to not feel as tense when the time comes to talk dirty. Finally, the first time you try talking you will probably feel incredibly self conscious and what you wanted to say won’t come out properly. Don’t be discouraged.

By building up your dirty talk repertoire slowly, it will give you the much needed confidence to try new ideas. The next you know, you’ll be talking dirty like a pro.

Great Sex Tip Still not sure what to say? Listen to how he talks dirty, then follow his lead.

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