What Sex Is REALLY Like For Women In Their 20s, 30s, 40s And Beyond

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Expert: When Do Women Really Reach Their Sexual Peak?

Is it true that women reach their sexual peak in their 30s?

Answer: No, there isn’t a decade in a woman's life where she reaches her sexual peak.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey book’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Female published in 1953 started this rumor. In the 1940s, Kinsey took the sex histories of more than 5,000 women and found that the majority hit their sexual stride during their mid-30s. As premarital sex was a no-no back then, by her mid-30s most women were been married with a few kids and therefore less sexually inhibited.

Today, women have multiple partners before marriage and are a lot more sexually confident.

Why sex can be great with each passing decade:
• Women’s hormones function their best in her 20s and she is thus at her most fertile.
• Women in their 30s have been around the sexual block a few times and have a better idea what works for her.
• Women in their 40s stop producing as much oxytocin—our nurturing hormone. It is believed that she isn’t as concerned with nurturing everyone else and is focused on her own needs.
• Women who have gone through menopause find their bodies and hormones have gone through a complete change. Couples who make the effort to adjust bedroom tactics usually attest to having better sex.

So whatever decade a woman is in, sex can be fun and fulfilling.

Great Sex Tip
The more a woman orgasms ... the more she will desire sex. Therefore, it’s important for her own sexual satisfaction to make sure her needs are met.

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