Expert: Help, He Wants More Sex Than Me

angry couple in bed

Question: I like sex but he wants it way more than me. What can I do?

Surprisingly, mismatched sex drives have little to do with libido and more to do with the circumstances outside the bedroom. Look through this list of eight typical sex dampeners to see if any fit your situation.

Body Issues: Over 80% of women have poor body confidence and don't feel sexy under the sheets.

Prolonged Unresolved Arguments: Holding on to anger puts a big wet blanket on your sex drive.

Power Struggles: Usually, the person who wants less sex is in control of the sex. The more he bugs you to have sex, the more you dig in your heels and refuse.

Big Points of Unrest and Change: Receiving a promotion, having a baby or moving create big upheavals, and bad sex habits are the result.

Boring Sex: Get on, get in, get off. Repeat every week or two. Yawn. Reading a book is more stimulating.

The Natural Ebb and Flow of Life: Everyone goes through good and bad points. Over time, it gets tricky to constantly realign two people's ebbs and flows.

Different Priorities: Day-to-day stresses means the priority is taken off our partner.

Health Issues: Health problems like depression, medical issues or medication can affect your bedroom activities.

If any of these sound familiar, it's time to stop relying on your libido to make sex happen. Your first step: communicate what you can do to make sex suitable for both of you.

Great Sex Tip:

It's important to schedule sex, as it can alleviate hard feelings over one partner always initiating and possibly not having sex as frequently as they would like.