The Kissing Meditation


Remember when you'd kiss each other for hours, never needing to say a word? Want to get there again?

Mmmmmmmm, I love this exercise.

I had a lovely couple in my office this week. They booked a 2-hr session with me to have a little "guided re-connection time" with one another while they are on vacation. They were new to Tantra and erotic exploration so I took it slow with them...

We began with some breathwork exercises to help them connect to themsleves and one another and then moved into something I like to call "The Kissing Meditation."

In this exercise, partners take turns being the "kiss-er" or the "kiss-ee." The kisser takes a moment to center him or herself and calls to mind something they want to communicate to the other with their kiss.

Sometimes people choose a certain message they want to convey:

* You're the most beautiful woman I know
* I love how soft your lips are

Other people choose to recall the feelings associated with a fond memory they share and initiate a kiss from that space:

* A special vacation you went on in the past
* The hottest sexual experience you've shared
* That time you were sick and s/he stayed by your bedside to take care of you

Another approach involves contemplating a characteristic you really admire/appreciate about your partner and communicating that experience through your kiss:

* I love the way you laugh
* You are a very generous person
* I always feel safe when I'm with you


The key to the "Kissing Meditation" is to use your kiss (lips, tongue, hands, and whatever other parts of your body you tend to kiss with) to communicate with your partner in ways that mere words cannot. To communicate these things (which you may or may not have told them 100 times) in a different way, on different levels. Communicating these things through your kiss allows you, and your partner, to experience them on a physical and celular level...not just an intellectual or emotional level.

It's truly a powerful exercise. And one you can expand upon at home!

Once you feel comfortable with the Kissing Meditation, use these principles to communicate things through your touch/caress, then through your love making.

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