Online Dating: Where To Start


This is The Age of Abundant Love for singles—because for the first time we have the technology to be matched with 100s or even thousands of potential partners! Now is the time to find love. Just go to your computer! Internet technology has opened up abundant choices in three ways: through online dating sites, social networking, and the use of Google to find offline activities with lots of guys in them.

Online dating is no longer just for “desperate people.” It is the norm. 30 million Americans use online dating each month. In 2007 there was a huge transformation where more people over the age of 45 met their life partners through online dating rather than through the traditional route of friends, coworkers and family. There are now many more niche sites, for example, catering to green singles, deaf singles, and of course ethnic sites like and Also now there are mega, bigger-than-ever sites that are teaming with potential partners, like Social networking at sites like Facebook (boomers using social networking have almost doubled in the last year, so this includes all ages), and college alum sites have become popular for meeting potential partners, especially lost loves.

Search engines like Google allow you to search for activities and classes in your area that have lots of the opposite sex in them—having to do with business, sports, leadership, cigar-tasting (for meeting guys); or personal growth, yoga, cooking (for meeting women) etc—so you can reverse the odds and meet people offline much more easily than ever before. All of these methods are yielding success!!! 4 Dating Tips From Couple Who Met On Facebook Game

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