Kate Gets Her Prince: Three Lessons About Commitment

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When Prince William joined the army he split up with Kate Middleton. Undoubtedly, this was an excruciatingly painful challenge for her. A public rejection during which time the William was seen with a number of gorgeous young women. Yet, in an E! interview she reported that the break-up actually made her stronger.

What did Kate do when her Prince left her? Did she sulk, whine, or use her very public platform to attack or criticize him? Did she act out in some crazy way? Did she get depressed, blame herself and withdraw socially? No.

What she did was glam herself up and went right out on her own. She attended great parties and got photographed looking gorgeous while chatting up other guys. After only ten weeks of her doing-well-is-the-best-revenge strategy, Kate was back with her Prince. And at that time, according to reporters, he made her a promise that they would be married. He asked her to please be patient with him!

So there are three lessons to be learned here about commitment and men.

First, men love women who have their own independence. They are attracted to clever and confident women who know that they have a lot to offer, or at least act like they do. They are more attracted to women who have their own lives. And less attractive to women who are needy, clingy or fall apart at the drop of a hat. Clinging behaviors almost guarantee that he will feel smothered and then become emotionally distant and pull away.

Second, the more a woman has her own world of friends and hobbies and interests, the more magnetic she becomes. It’s because her partner does not feel smothered in the relationship. He does not have to be her constant savior, caretaker, provider—her whole world. She is not whiny, being overly dramatic, or constantly needing his care and attention. She is not jealous and possessive and having to monitor everything he does. In short, she is not smothering him and driving him away.

Finally, Kate’s independence made it seem that she could happily leave the prince. And potential loss is one of the most powerful natural attractors of all. The woman is not in the bag, taking any and all acts of abandonment, mistreatment, or abuse because she feels she has to. The notion that she could leave fosters his appreciation that it’s a gift being in a relationship with her. When his Beloved is independent and spending time away, he gets to experience missing her and being the one who longs to be together. It is when something feels like it could be lost that we truly experience the miracle of having it.

So if you are in a position of wanting your man to draw closer and choose you, get in action, get your glam on and show him how great you could do without him. To learn more about how to find and get your prince I invite you to become a regular reader of my blog at www.lovein90days.com/blog