Zap Job Stress & Gain Joy On The Job


Happiness at work! Zap job stress. Gain "Joy on the Job!" Turn difficult people into supporters.

Enjoy happiness at work. Zap job stress! You'll gain "Joy on the Job" when you turn difficult people into supporters. Enjoy work-life balance when you gain new success strategies. You'll build a solid support system and receive sincere positive feedback.

Discover proven conflict resolution tips that reduce negativity at work. Enjoy powerful professional partnerships so you can gain the respect and validation you want. You'll create much more fun and fulfillment at work when you transform painful experiences into Your Ideal Work Life!

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Your facilitator is Certified Master Coach, Doris Helge, Ph.D. Named, "One of the Top Ten Coaches in America", Dr. Doris is author of #1 Bestselling books like "Joy on the Job," "Transforming Pain Into Power" and "Conquer Your Inner Critic." Download FREE ebooks like "Get More Respect & Appreciation Now!" at