Ladies Follow These Easy Fashion Tips to Rock Fusion Wear

Ladies Follow These Easy Fashion Tips to Rock Fusion Wear

When selecting your clothes, the first thing you need to pay attention to is your body type.

Fusion wear is quite the fashion trend nowadays, with more and more women being interested in mixing and matching various items of clothing. However, knowing exactly how to pair certain pieces can be difficult and you do not want to risk looking the opposite of fashionable.

In this article, you will find a number of fashion tips, which will help you rock fusion wear and impress other ladies with your own personal style. Keep on reading and discover how you can go from plain to chic, with just a few careful changes.

#1 Pay attention to your body type
When selecting your clothes, the first thing you need to pay attention to is your body type. Even if you will notice clothes in the window shops, looking all fine, this does not necessarily mean they will look as good on you. For example, if you have an apple body shape, you might want to opt for dresses with deep V necklines. These will create an illusion that your torso is longer, allowing you to look beautiful. Research your body type and find out both the clothes and accessories recommended for it. In this way, you will be able to purchase only items that fit you to perfection.

#2 Make use of popular prints  
Prints are in style right now, especially when it comes to fusion wear. So, if you are looking for fashion tips, here is one for you to consider: wear prints. Some of the most popular prints include those with botanical illustrations but you should also check out geometric and animal prints. These can help you make a bold fashion statement, not to mention that are infinite ways to mix and match them as you please. Take your time to discover what prints go with one another and, no doubt, you will come up with the perfect outfit.

#3 Choose colors that complement one another  
This is a rule that applies universally to the world of fashion. However, when it comes to fusion wear, it becomes even more important. You need to strive and choose items of clothing in colors that complement one another. Otherwise, you will risk looking anything but chic or trendy. If you prefer natural, earth-like tones, then you need to add items in bright colors. Do not be afraid to go bold, choosing saturated red, daring pink, fashionable green or dark indigo. What matters is that you create a color palette that works.

#4 Balance between ethnic & modern  
Fusion wear is often about finding the right balance between items that belong to your own cultures and the ones borrowed from other cultures. You are responsible of creating a balanced outfit, one that others will perceive as a definite fashion trend. For example, you can wear a traditional Indian Kurta and pair it with a modern pair of jeans. Pay attention to the choice of accessories, as these have to be integrated into your style as well. You can opt for ethnic earrings, a pair of white sneakers and a small clutch to complete your outfit.

#5 The right mix of fabrics
As with colors and prints, you have to mix fabrics in a manner that works. Do not settle for just one fabric, as you will lose the whole concept of fusion wear from the start. Instead, opt for different fabrics and make sure that they complement one another. There are a lot of glamorous Indian fabrics to choose from, many of which can be paired with Western fabrics. Once again, you need to pay close attention to each item in your outfit, so that it brings out your best qualities and it helps you look more amazing than ever.

#6 Go for layer after layer
Layers will never go out of style, especially when you will be courageous enough to combine not only colors but also fabrics and prints. You can opt for a bold color as a base or, on the contrary, go with neutral tones. The next layer can include floral prints, with fabrics such as organza or sequin being chosen for the final layer. Take your time to think about the best choices for each of the layers, in terms of color, print and fabric. Put them all together and enjoy the outfit that clearly speaks of fusion wear.

In conclusion, these are some of the best fashion tips to follow in case you are interested in fusion wear. As you have seen, with a little bit of attention, you can definitely create some interesting outfits and impress others with your sense of style. The key is to maintain a proper balance between the items of clothing coming from your culture and the ones borrowed from other cultures. And, in the end, it is also about putting yourself in the best possible light!