Five Tips to Remove Your Make up Right


You must force yourself to get up and take that make-up off for the sake of having healthy and ...

Wearing make-up is now one of the must-be for women, especially when attending important events and activities. But as important as it is in wearing it, removing it is also relevant to know about. If you want to have healthy skin and avoid using face cleanser for acne skin if you mess up your skin by sleeping with your make-up on, learn how to remove your make-up the right way. 

Though it could be a real hassle at the end of the day to remove your make-up since all you really want to do is to lie down and sleep, you must force yourself to get up and take that make-up off for the sake of having healthy, glowing, and smooth skin. 

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to remove your make-up. And yes, it’s not as simple as getting you towel and wiping your face off with it. It is a process that you need to undergo and follow in order to do it right. The simple step would be washing your face with a cream cleanser or gel, rinsing it off, and then wiping it with towel. 

Use Cleanser First to Break Down Your Makeup

The first thing you can use in washing the make-up off your face is a cleanser. The cleanser can easily take off the basic blush and foundation. Follow these simple steps for cleanser washing:

  • Massage cleanser all over your face
  • Let it sit in for at least 15 seconds
  • Include your hairline in applying the cleanser
  • Massage under your chin and around your ears
  • Use white wet cotton washcloth to wipe the cleanser off
  • Keep using washcloth and scrubbing until no make-up is left

If you are using long-wearing foundation and strong face brush, it would require deeper cleansing. And for more thorough and intense cleansing, use remover first then the cleanser. 

Be Sure to Be Gentle in Taking Care of Your Skin

Being gentle with your skin is the key how to have beautiful skin. And even if you feel like this is overrated, then you are highly mistaken. 

When taking off and removing your make-up, it is necessary to be gentle. Make sure in avoiding dehydrating or irritating your skin in taking off your make-up. In order to be gentler on your skin, what you can do is to use cleansing oil and use your fingers to apply the oil across your lips, eyebrows, and lids. Massage the oil on your face gently and make sure not to rub it on your skin like crazy. Some tips you can follow are:

  • Use flat and square cotton pad
  • Pour cleansing oil on the cotton
  • Go over the same spots to ensure its application
  • Skim and apply on the surface in one direction
  • Make sure to never scrub skin around the eyes

Gently removing your make-up before you sleep will allow your skin to breathe. This will avoid leading the skin to:

  • Have acne
  • Be dry
  • Have wrinkles through broken collagen
  • Use Steam Heat before Washing Your Face

One thing you can do in removing the make-up off your face is by using steam. Before washing your face, steam can be helpful in loosening up your powers and allowing the cleanser to deeply penetrate the skin, allowing you to remove your make-up more thoroughly. And while this could take up more time from your rest, using steam is a good option. 

  • Simple steps you need to follow in steaming your face include:
  • Filling up your bowl or skin with hot water
  • Hovering your face over the bowl for a minute or two
  • Adding a drop of essential oil for spa vibes and extra soothing feels

If you want to use the steam and not wash your face, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Remove make-up with baby wipes or oil
  • Soak washcloth in hot water
  • Let it cool off for few seconds
  • Place it on your face
  • After that, you will see the dirt off your face on the washcloth. 
  • Take Extra Time in Cleansing Your Eyes

In taking off the make-up from your face, it is important to take extra time spend on your time. This is because liners and mascaras are only few of the things that are hard to remove, mainly because all products you place on your eyes can take time to remove. 

Since skin around the eyes is sensitive, it is necessary to use cotton pad with oil-based products. The pad is better than cotton balls since they leave fibers behind. Make sure to close your eyes to remove all products on your eyes and lashes. Waterproof products can take much more time and you would have to use cleansing oil as make-up remover and rub harder to remove it faster. 

1. Oil Is the Best Thing to Be Used for Make-up or for Removing It

Oil-based products are always recommended whether it is in using make-up or removing it. Using oily formula would easily take off make-up better, especially for intensely pigmented and long-wearing blush on, foundation, and lipsticks. 

One of the best removers is coconut oil. This was even known as grandma’s secret recipe since it can easily remove make-up, even the most stubborn and water-resistant make-up offered in the market. To use coconut oil, follow these steps:

  • Massage quarter-sized amount of coconut oil in your palms (You can also use coconut oil on cotton pads)
  • Gently rub the oil on your face
  • Wash your face after using the oil