4 Ways You Can and Can Not Get Pregnant

4 Ways You Can and Can Not Get Pregnant
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Growing up, you probably were taught how to engage in safe sex.

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid such, it’s important to know what can potentially cause conception. Growing up, you probably were taught how to engage in safe sex. However, there are still a lot of misunderstandings with what can or cannot cause a pregnancy.

That said, let’s discuss four ways one can potentially get pregnant. However, these four ways are also ways one cannot get pregnant either. In other words, the points we will be discussing are not guaranteed to keep one immune from a potential pregnancy. But these methods are not as likely to get one pregnant as unprotected vaginal intercourse.

1. Fooling around with underwear on
Perhaps one of the most common sex misconceptions is that if both parties are wearing underwear, pregnancy is impossible. In actuality, while the chances of pregnancy are slim, there is still a risk.

Even if both the male and female have underwear on during foreplay, pre-cum or ejaculation can easily leak through undergarments. Underwear may even slip. Additionally, if there is touching involved, and one person’s hand touches both genitals, this is one way sperm can transfer.

Even if you don’t plan on having actual intercourse, using a condom can significantly reduce pregnancy risks. This is important as a couple gets in the heat of the moment because sometimes things happen they didn’t intend. Play it safe just in case; it never hurts.

2. Pulling out during intercourse
Intercourse is intercourse, even if the man pulls out prior to ejaculating. The problem with this is obvious. Not only are there occasionally small amounts of sperm in pre-cum, but the man by not pull out in time. Of course, the chances of pregnancy are less than if a man did ejaculate inside a woman, but there’s still that chance.

Worst of all, another misconception is that if a woman is on her period or already ovulated, she cannot get pregnant. Some believe this is especially true when the pulling out method is used during intercourse. Wrong again. Many pregnant women would tell you that this is false right off the bat.

In fact, in 2011 in the United States, a massive 45-percent of pregnancies were unintended. It’s not that people are unaware of their risks. Rather, they don’t think that the risks they take will result in conception. But the risks are never guaranteed in either direction. That said, don’t rely on pulling out to avoid pregnancy.

3. Engaging in anal sex
While vaginal intercourse is highly likely to result in a pregnancy, there is still a chance with anal sex. Sperm cannot travel from inside of the anus to a woman’s reproductive organs. However, consider the fact that a woman’s vagina is inches away from her anus.

If a man pulls out to ejaculate, or his penis slips during anal sex, sperm can reach the vagina. Sure, if a bit of sperm is only on the outside of the vagina, the pregnancy risk is slim. But that’s not the point. All it takes is one sperm to make its way into the vaginal canal. After all, sperm can live a whopping three to five days in a moist environment.

To protect from potential pregnancy and to keep things sanitary, wearing a condom during anal sex is a great idea. Even if you think it’s a “waste of a condom,” protection is never wasteful and can give peace of mind.

4. Cuddling naked
Say you and your partner are naked together while cuddling each other but don’t have actual intercourse. Maybe you don’t plan on even touching on another sexually. Again, pregnancy risks are not high, but they are much higher than if you and your partner were wearing clothes.

Even if a man’s penis isn’t hard, live sperm on a man’s penis may potentially transfer to a woman’s vagina. This is especially true if the couple just finished having sexual intercourse – even with a condom. While the man may have washed after finishing or didn’t finish at all, live sperm can still be present.

In this case, a safer but not completely safe alternative would be to sleep with underwear on. Another reliable but not complete safe method is to sleep naked if the woman is on birth control. It seems silly to be so cautious, but if you’re 100-percent against having children, you must be extra safe.

Each of the latter are all ways that a woman both can, and cannot, get pregnant. That said, there is no guarantee that the methods mentioned will ensure a woman will be completely safe from pregnancy.

One way to avoid pregnancy, if that is your intent, is to use contraceptives. Contraceptives include condoms, birth control, IUDs, and more. While these are much more effective in avoiding pregnancy that the methods we spoke about, there again is still a pregnancy risk. The only true way to avoid pregnancy is to practice abstinence.