Upgrade Your Personal Operating System (P.O.S.)


Is it time to pay attention to your 'personal operating system' and upgrade it if it's buggy?

What ARE you thinking? Time to stop and reflect on what's really working and not working in your life starting with your mindset and POS or Personal Operating System.

While I was waiting for my client, I reflected on some of the observations I was making with regards to conversations going on, emotional triggers, wondering about behavioral drivers, automatic responses, levels of disinterest and stated perceptions. People are fascinating. It's extraordinary to observe and coach people in action. The learning curve for me, when it comes to behavioral drivers and group chemistry, is huge. Listening to the conversations that were unfolding boggled my mind.

So as I sat there, watched and listened, I wondered why some people didn't care if they learned anything new ever again and yet wondered why they were bored and so unhappy. As I listened to someone share tidbits of her vacation with a colleague I heard the response "One day I want to..." All her energy went into the 'one day' but not the "how can I make it happen?"

Can you draw that analogy to your life? Are you doing things only when it's necessary and not a moment before, making changes only when you feel as if you're back's up against the wall? Do you spend more time planning a dinner party or a two week vacation than you do your life?

What in your P.O.S. is of date and buggy and has to be replaced? Time to make some life-defining choices. Now's a good time, don't you think?