Is Casual Sex Right For You?

Is Casual Sex Right For You? [EXPERT]

Five questions to consider before engaging in casual sex.

3. Is my self-esteem really intact? Do I have a strong sense of myself and do what I do from a place of confidence? Don't fool yourself into thinking that just because someone sleeps with you, you'll feel better about yourself. If you already feel good about yourself you will not need that outside approval.

4. Why am I having sex? Is it to avoid facing my own demons? By sexualizing feelings, we avoid facing our own issues. And while facing our issues head on can be scary, it's a better path to self-growth.

5. Am I a sex addict? All addictions have a sneaky way of being rationalzied and denied. Some of my friends in Europe used to worry about me but truly during that phase in my life I was a free spirit experimenting with life. Luckily I had a guardian angel because probably not all my choices were wise.

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Take a long hard look at yourself before you decide, and if you are in a committed relationship, think twice before any casual sex. You may never be able to repair the trust issue you create.