Is Infidelity on the Rise?


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Is Infidelity on the Rise?
I am seeing more couples in my office who are wounded by infidelity. Our political representatives have been forced to admit to their affairs. And now Tiger Woods is in the news for infidelity issues. It is unclear what is true. The media will hound him until he makes a statement. A proper assessment is needed to determine whether it is a sexual addiction - which is an impulsive act and total loss of control and the inability to stop even though it goes against ones own values. Once his therapist makes a diagnosis they will start on a treatment plan. A sexual addiction is very different than a one time affair and the recovery process is different. At any rate, I wish Tiger Woods and his family well.

Unfortunately, the problem of affairs/infidelity has been with us forever. We are just talking about affairs openly today. Since President Clinton's admission, it has gotten a lot of press coverage. Is this a good to have so much press regarding infidelity?

We are also hearing from more men whose wives have had affairs too. Society is struggling to understand the dynamics regarding why affairs happen? The media continues to search for the answers. Over the years I have watched new websites and support groups continue to pop up. Oprah and Dr. Phil are continuously seeking guests to discuss the subject. More researchers are spending their time on projects designed to get more information and make sense of this age-old problem.

If you have read all the information on other websites you may have noticed that the advice given is not very different. There is similar approach to healing relationships. The difference is- what you do with the information that you read or hear is most important. You will need to have confidence in your therapist. I am a seasoned therapist with years of experience and have helped heal many couples work through the pain of infidelity. The steps are outlined in my book "Straight Talk about Betrayal - A Self Help Guide for Couples" which can be purchased by or on my

But what if you have a partner doesn't get it. Doesn't want to change or not willing to look inside? What do I do? How do I heal? My advice is to call a therapist and work on you. Just working on yourself will make a difference in your healing.

We have come along way!

Unfortunately and sadly, affairs/infidelity/betrayal is here to stay, and many people will continue to be hurt. The good news is that there are strategies to avoid affairs and techniques to recover after an affair occurs. No longer does the individual or couple have to feel isolated and alone.

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Best wishes to you!