Overlook 5 Things While Being in a Long Distance Relationship

couple holding hands

This is because you will be in a position to understand each other better

Long distance relationship requires a lot of patience and understanding between the parties. This is because they can only be close through frequent communication. Most long distance relationships do not become successful due to too much misunderstanding. The couples who are wise are able to deal with long distance relationship and live to tell it all through their marriage life. The new technology has made it easy for the couples who are in this kind of relationship since there is use of the Skype which helps the couples to have the current view of their partner. There is one only barrier which is the physical contact but you can be able to see each other when communicating.

Following are some things which should not be understood in a long distance relationship

  1. Free time

This is the focal point of a long distance relationship. Be open to your spouse on the moments you are free so that you can plan when to meet or who is supposed to travel in order to meet the other. Ensure that you plan on the transport and make it a time for the two of you to re unite. In case of inconveniences ensure that you let the other partner know about it. Avoid reacting in anger or making decisions while too happy or angry since it can lead to complications later. Make sure that you are in a sober mind before promising your spouse anything or pledging to do anything. Dedicate your free time to your relationship and avoid misunderstanding this statement since you will not be worshiping your relationship rather you will be saving and making your relationship to work. Avoid seeking advice to friends who are your age mates yet have short distanced relationships. This is because they will just mislead you. Seek an elder person who is also a victim of long distance relationship

  1. Trust

Do not just trust someone because you had a sexual relationship. This is what most people lack to understand that if the partner never communicates he might just be there for sex. Move on and learn how to trust someone for love not the deeds. Long distance relationships require both parties to be faithful and have trust on each other. These two attributes will be the seal for your relationship. Do not have grange in your heart relating to your partner which indicates that you do not trust him/her. Make sure you solve a problem and come up with a solid solution.

  1. True love

This is one of the words couples have really misused since they just say to their partner and do not mean them. In case you are not interested in a person, why should you accept the relationship in the first place? There are people who accept the relationship just because they pity the person or rather they do not want to heart break the person. You should accept it because you are in love with the person, rather than causing heartbreak to the person at the long run.

  1. Patience

It is one of the attributes most couples lack. Do not make conclusions with any reason rather; give your spouse some time for explanation and avoid rushing to decision making. This will make your relationship better if you get slow when angry or in doubts.

  1. Communication

This is the key to every kind of relationship making it possible to keep the relationship. In addition, a long distance relationship requires frequent communication making it a minimum of 3 times in a day. Do not condone silence in such a relationship. This is not waste of money to purchase air time but it is a clear identification that you are serious and committed to such a relationship. Let every partner be committed in making the communication, avoid placing the burden on one spouse. You both need the relationship to last if possible for ever hence be committed, which will be a motivation to the other party. In case you are just passing time, avoid committing yourself to avoid hurting your spouse who might be serious on the other hand.


The above 5 are the major things which should not be misunderstood by couples dealing with long distance relationships. You should always discuss your differences while together not while away. This is because you will be in a position to understand each other better ensure ring that you come into a firm understanding. It is very rare to make a phone call conversation relating to an argument come to a mutual understanding. To perfect your relationship, you need to have frequent communication to keep the relationship on. During the holidays and free days ensure that you make a meeting to solidify your relationship.