The Key To A Healthy Relationship: Music


Music is a great way to bond with someone that strikes a chord in your life.

Music is a part of our own identity and it comes as no surprise that playing music or listening music together is a good way to build a healthy and strong relationship. Throughout this article, we will discuss the influence of music on relationships.

Loving different music types affects relationships.

As it was already mentioned, music reflects the person’s identity. When a person talks about their favorite music type, they are, also, providing useful information about their own personality. For example, if an individual likes classical music you will immediately assume they know a lot about Mozart or Beethoven, they can play an instrument, or that the person is shy and artistic. Music is, in fact, a way of telling people more about yourself without saying anything. This was the reason for two scholars, Peter Rentfrow and Sam Gosling, to start their own study in 2006, whose studies were published in the Journal of Psychological Science. Their study revealed that people ask about music types when they want to know more about some person and questions about music were more frequent than about any other topic.

Moreover, the research showed that participants used information about music types and passions to form an opinion about a person. Therefore, liking two different types of music indicates two people have different hopes, dreams, passions mostly because each music types represents a different perspective of perceiving the world.

We are more attracted to people who like same music.

Another study, conducted by a group of authors, also observed the impact of music on relationship between two people. The research, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, included participants that liked rock and hip hop music. The results of this study showed that people liked more participants who preferred the same music type. Moreover, researchers discovered that people who liked the same music also shared more other interests.

It is a well-known fact that shared interests and passions are a good foundation for a healthy and solid relationship. Additionally, Psychology of Music published results of the study which discovered that music predicts sexual attractions and found that people who share the passion towards the same music type are more sexually attracted to each other than to people who don’t have same taste in music.

Couples that play music together, stay together is more than just a phrase. Here are five main reasons why playing music together with your partner is a great way to improve your relationship:

Spending more time together –  

While playing music, two partners get to spend more time together. This is, especially, important for busy couples that don’t have much time to spend doing activities that will bond them. Playing an instrument, or just listening to music together is relaxing and a relationship-enriching experience.

Getting along better

Music is all about harmony and balance. Therefore, it has the relaxing effect on people who are playing or listening to it. Moreover, partners who choose music as their favorite couple activity tend to get along better due to its relaxing properties.

Understanding each other better and treating each other with respect

Playing music together is a matter of coordination and collaboration. This has a beneficial effect on two people as they understand each other better. For example, while playing instrument one partner has to know when it’s his or her time to join in and play too. On the other hand, while listening to music, according to relationship experts, a great way to bond with partner is to talk about their perception of particular song, how it makes them feel etc.

Having fun together

Never underestimate the importance of having fun. According to therapist Terri Orbuch, Ph.D, and author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great, it is important to do new activities and have fun, regardless of the duration of couple’s relationship. Her relationship advice was based on a study that she started in 1986. The study included 373 couples who married that year. Playing music is a great way to have fun, do new activity, and build a strong relationship. Doing new activity enables two people to re-experience the excitement they had at the beginning of their relationship. It sparks the excitement and produces passion.

Stay connected

Playing music is a good way to stay connected with your partner, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. It reminds people of the core of their relationship and it lets two people get to know each other in a unique environment. Regardless of how long your relationship is, there is always something new to learn about your significant other, and playing or listening to music is an answer. Communication is the key to successful relationship, and music is just one way of communicating.

Music is an important part of everyone’s life and their identity. People who like the same music type also share some other interests which is a good way to build a strong relationship. Moreover, music predicts sexual attraction which is important for the success of every healthy relationship.