4 Ways To Communicate Better In Your Relationship


Communicate better in your relationship with a few smart moves and build a solid bridge to romance.

You can communicate better in your relationship with a few smart moves. Are you running your relationship like a business? A therapists once told me if I used my carefully honed business skills of logic and reason I would not be able to build a communication bridge and tear down that brick wall was that was at that moment stacking up brick by brick between me and hubby.

You see I was operating on reason and he was using emotion. It turns out you'll have communication problems if you don't respect where the other person is coming from. My logical mind was shutting him down as emotionally immature. He was tuning me out because I would not support him in doing something he wanted to do, even though I felt it was illogical. I learned from that experience to tone down my logical mind and listen to what he had to say and give him the room he needed to move on an emotional idea he was passionate about.

I'd like to share some tools that will help you build a bridge to communicate better with one another. Here are some suggestions:

1. Lighten Up—Recognize there is more than one way to do something. And its okay to give people the freedom to try something new. Rent a few comedies and curl up together with a bowl of popcorn. Laugh together. When you're in a better mood you'll be able to pass that joy on in your relationship.

2. Romance—Find a few easy ways to add romance to your relationship each week. Find at least one thing to complement about your mate each day. Saying nice things will lift their spirits. If you need some quick pointers on how to be romantic get a copy of my book, Romance Made Easy: 10 Golden Keys To Excite, Seduce & Captivate Your Lover.

3. KissIt all starts with a kiss. If you want to get the magic going, share a kiss. Not just on the lips, the back of the ear, the neck, or any spot you choose. I believe a kiss can communicate on a emotional level words can never do.

4. CommunicationStay open to what brings the other person joy and once you know what that is you can do little things to make them happy. And, please don't bring up his or her past mistakes. Forgive and move on. Seek the help of a professional therapists or counselor if necessary. Its good to get an objective view point.

Taking these steps will not only improve your ability to communicate better in your relationship but it will build a solid bridge to romance.

Donna Beasley, "The Romance Lady", is a romantic travel expert and travel writer who encourages couples to create memorable romantic moments, honeymoons, vow renewals, and other special romance occasions in travel locations throughout the world. She is also the publisher of Romance Travel Magazine and author of The Romance Lady's Travel Guide to the 50 Sexiest Destinations to Woo Your Lover.

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