Top Fives Signs Your Partner Is Having An Affair.


Are you concerned that your partner is having an affair? Check out these signs.

1. A change in the emotional quality of the relationship between you.  This may be shown as your partner is unengaged or overly engaged.
We all, of course go through emotional changes, like the weather.  However, you may notice that your partner’s attitude has changed toward you over time, they may have become more self-absorbed, less interested in you or the relationship.  Often your partner may reject your offers of affection.  Your best approach here is the pay attention and be curious.

2. Anger or criticism that borders on cruelty.
Anger and criticism that borders on cruelty is hard to take for all of us.  Your partner may treat you with rudeness, or impatience.  They my be more controlling and more critical than usual.  You may sense an increase in the degree of unhappiness in your spouse that is difficult to understand.  With some partners you may actually see an increase in happiness as a result of their being involved in an affair.

3. An increase in work/away from home time.
Work can be demanding.  During these times of economic stress most workplaces are demanding more and more from their employees.  Workplace relationships can develop into romantic relationships simply because of the amount of time spent together on a common task tends to bond people together.  If your partner has trouble with boundaries, this could lead to a problem. 

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