Therapy Principles


A short list of the principles that guide my therapy.

My therapy work is guided by a couple of principles.

1. First, I believe that every person deserves to be understood.
2. Secondly I believe that whatever concern brings a person to therapy usually has a long history and a development.
3. Therefore, I practice therapy as a joint attempt to understand that unique person in the context of the history and development of their particular concern keeping in mind the goals for which that person entered therapy. 
4. As understanding of our self at a deeper level evolves, we can then begin to the arduous task of looking at our self and our life and asking “what does this mean?” 
5. We are them ready to ask the “what shall I do?” question.  This takes time, patience and courage.
6. Lastly, but most importantly, I believe that good relationships heal the damage that bad ones did.  This is the essence of therapy and hopefully of all of our significant relationships.

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