BEING the You You Want to be


visualize or imagine yourself exactly the way you want to be, then step in and BE her or him.

In "The Zone", a self-hypnotic, meditative state, bring up your POWER IMAGE, a dynamic see-feel-hear-smell-taste representation of you exactly the way you want to be. See him or her first from a distance, then zoom in close, floating all around, above, and below your POWER IMAGE, then for a few moments, STEP INTO and BE that person, looking out on the world through his/her eyes, moving with his/her arms and legs, feeling with her/his heart and spirit. Experience what it's like to have ALREADY RESOLVED some of the issues you USED TO struggle with. Experience yourself in situations that USED TO be difficult or impossible, handing them with ease, grace, and competence. Then step back into your present self, but taking with you some of what you have experienced.

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