The New Adam & Eve


That's Us ... and we're making a new Heaven-and-Earth!

>> People say that a New Heaven and a New Earth are being created.
>> Other people say we're entering a new world, The World of the Fifth Sun.
>> Other people say we're leaving the Age of Night and entering the Daylight Age.
>> Other people sing about the Age of Aquarius : ^ ).

All these people are describing the same thing, just using different words. And all of us can feel and observe, every day, that the world is not what it used to be. Things are changing big-time, inside us and all around us!

If it's true that we're getting a New Earth — well, it couldn't come at a more perfect time! We've pretty much ruined the old one. And it's very clear that nothing we can do solely on the physical level is going to fix it. The only thing that is going to allow us to keep living on this planet is a global quantum-leap in human consciousness, which will change things at the causal level, the spiritual dimension....

You may wonder why we're getting a New Heaven. It seems that things in Heaven would always be heavenly — so, how could we need a new one? Well, maybe the inhabitants there have been screwing-up as much as we have.... Either way, I think the reason is that Heaven and Earth are actually inseparable; you can't have one without the other. Likewise, you can't renovate just one.

And the renovation is not just cosmetic. We're talking fundamental changes in how everything operates! Earth and Heaven will be not just new, they will be totally integrated (Heaven-on-Earth, we might say). Our whole duality-consciousness is being replaced with a new, integrated model...!

All of this calls for a new Adam and Eve, of course. That's us — you and me. We're the ones who are creating the new Heaven and Earth! (You didn't get the memo??!! : ^ )

No More Ken & Barbie
First we have to re-create ourselves, the new Adam and Eve. In a way, this re-creation is just our going back to who we were originally ... except, this time, we're at a different level of consciousness.

How do we find out who we were originally? Let's look at two explanations of how everything in our world got created:

>> The first is from a very old and revered Chinese book, the Tao Te Ching — where it says: "From the Tao comes forth the one, From the one comes forth the two, From the two comes forth the three, And from the three comes forth all things."
>> The second is a similar understanding, from Japan (I don't know the original source) — which describes a hierarchy of energies, including: Shinki >> Reiki >> Jiki >> Denki.

Both of these explanations begin with something undefinable: an eternal, infinite, unmanifest Presence of pure potential or Being-ness. The Taoist model names this Tao; the Japanese model names it Shin. Then something (like a thought, perhaps) arises spontaneously in this Tao or Shin ... and this very first manifestation is called The One or Shinki. Then it differentiates to become The Two or Reiki (also known as Yang and Yin).

So ... The One has become Two ... just as in the story of Adam (The One) becoming Adam and Eve (The Two). At this stage, it seems to me, Adam and Eve (Yang and Yin) were each complete in themselves, and perfectly balanced with each other, and in perfect harmony with God (or Tao or Shin). HOORAY!!

But it didn't last long. Something else arose, between Adam and Eve (Yang and Yin). The infamous Serpent! The Taoists call this The Three; the Japanese model calls it Jiki (or Magnetism).

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd
In case you don't recall, this is the point at which things began to go downhill.... The Serpent (Magnetism) threw everyone off balance! Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, then started chasing each other around and around, and they wouldn't stop. They had lost their sense of completeness, and they had lost their trust in each other and in God.

And God was really not helping the situation, let's be honest...! The Dude lost his cool, put on his most terrifying, Great-and-Powerful-Oz voice, and started proclaiming major doom and gloom!! Eve and Adam (You and I) were kicked out of The Happiest Place on Earth ... for one little act of disobedience. Doomed to grovel in the dirt (along with the Serpent), to eat dirt, to die and decompose into dirt.... And that's what we've been doing.

Well, even God doesn't hold a grudge forever (maybe just a few thousand years). Anyway, we fell into this trap of duality-consciousness, and we haven't been able to get out of it. Not even with the help of many enlightened souls who have exemplified and told us repeatedly the value of getting ourselves on the wavelengths of Peace and Love, and staying there! But we're going to get there, and before much longer! We've finally got the message! We're becoming the New Adam & Eve, and we will create the New Heaven and the New Earth!!

First we have to stop being Ken and Barbie. We have to get realistic about the nature of Male & Female — which means dropping the Knight-in-shining-armor fantasy and the Sweetness-and-light/Damsel-in-distress fantasy. Ken and Barbie (and their fantasies) live in the realm of the Serpent, where the force of Magnetism is continually pulling them off-balance; pulling them out of themselves, to chase each other mindlessly in circles. This is the world of duality-consciousness, Good & Evil.

How do we get out of it?
We have to get ourselves up to the level of Reiki (The Two); that is, Yang and Yin in their pure state, before the arrival of the Serpent (Magnetism). What gets us there is our energetic vibration. That's exactly how the Reiki healing method works — it activates the vibration level at which yang and yin are balanced and harmonious. The thing is, we're not "doing" Reiki at every moment ... so we need a way to keep our vibration level up there the rest of the time. This is where our conscious vibrations of Peace, Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and such, come into play.

As the new Adam & Eve, we are regaining our completeness. The original Adam was pure Yang, and Eve was pure Yin. They were drawn together as inevitably and as disastrously as two speeding freight trains facing each other on a single track. Now, after Ages of chasing and bashing each other, each of us has incorporated the other, integrated the other, into ourselves. Not completely enough to neutralize the Magnetism between us — which would make life unbearably dull — but enough to make it not so catastrophic! : ^ )

Be True to Yourself
The original Adam & Eve were complete in their purity. The downside was, their purity lasted probably about a nanosecond — before the Magnetism arose and overwhelmed them. Now we have a new method of completeness: not purity, but all-inclusiveness. We incorporate not only each other, but everything, All That Is. We're learning that everything is Us — which makes it easier to love everything (and crazy not to!)....

In our all-inclusiveness, we're also learning not to be overly influenced by the Magnetism of others — their thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, ideas, opinions. Not by our lovers, friends, business associates, children, parents, siblings, authority figures, and anyone else!

The realization of the true Self is what keeps us out of the magnetic whirlpool. With Self-realization we transcend the lower-vibrational realms. We become the new Adam & Eve ... living in the new, unified Heaven-and-Earth.

As mentioned above, Reiki is a high-vibrational energy capable of restoring our natural balance and harmony, and the Reiki healing method is simple and easy to learn. Shinki is a vibration even higher than Reiki, and The Shinki Method is even simpler than learning to use Reiki.

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