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Get yourself to a higher level of consciousness!

A lot of people nowadays are tuning into the fact that human beings are multi-dimensional. First we had multi-tasking; now we're into multi-dimensional.... : ^ )

Of course it's true, we are multi-dimensional. And I reckon we always have been. As you read this, you are inhabiting 4 dimensions at the very minimum: 3 spatial dimensions and the dimension of Time. And it's almost guaranteed that you are simultaneously carrying on other lifetimes in other worlds ... of which your everyday Earthly consciousness has no awareness. Congratulations, you're an amazingly talented creature!

My friend Rebecca Hardcastle knows about some of those other worlds we inhabit. After years of extraterrestrial visitations, she came to understand that ETs are indeed aspects of our own consciousness. We visit them in other dimensions, and they visit us here in our Earthly dimensions.

As her website says, her travels redefined her relationship with extraterrestrial intelligence, inter- and extra-dimensional beings ... and radically re-framed her belief system. She coined a new word — Exoconsciousnessto describe the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions, and abilities of human consciousness. And she wrote a book called Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind.

Then there are the quantum physicists and their String Theories. If I remember correctly, some of them have postulated the existence of at least 12 dimensions (though I think it's just a mathematical calculation to them; they have no idea how to inhabit any of those dimensions, or what they might look or feel like).

Then we have the New-Age folks, talking about the Fifth Dimension (not the singing group from the 1960s : ^ ) ... about how we are just now poised on the threshold, ready to enter the Fifth Dimension. As with the scientists' 12 dimensions, it seems they have no real knowledge of this Fifth Dimension, it's just an abstraction to them. And they decorate this abstraction with another one, called Ascension — which has given people something new to worry about: How can I be sure I have a reservation for the Ascension? What if I miss the bus? What if all my friends get on it but I'm left behind?!

Be Here Now
Well ... let's come back to Earth and look at some dimensions that we can choose to inhabit right here. In my previous article The New Adam & Eve, there was mention also of the old Adam & Eve and their banishment to recurring incarnations of misery and suffering. You know, for the most part, the human species has stayed pretty much in that misery-and-suffering dimension ever since.....

BUT — we don't have to stay there! We can move up and down the dimensional ladder. For instance, we can tune into the consciousness level of the mineral kingdom, if we like — or, of our own blood cells. But let's go up the ladder instead of down! Because of dear old Adam & Eve (the originals), we are by default born into the state-of-being reigned by yin and yang continually chasing each other in circles!

This is the world of electromagnetism (hmm, how appropriate that our technology has been engulfing us for some time in an ever-stickier web of electromagnetic devices!). At the time of our birth into this world, we are still intimately connected to our Source and true Self. Through the first few years of our life, in fact, we live mostly in that dimension of consciousness.* Before long, though, most of us (like, 99%) succumb to the dimension of mass Earth-consciousness, with whatever degree of resistance we can muster.
* In scientific lingo, they say that, from birth to age 2, our brain spends most of its time in the realm of Delta waves (approx. 0.5–4 cycles per second); and, from age 2 to 6, in the realm of Theta waves (approx. 4–8 cycles per second). Only after age 12 do we show sustained periods in the range of Beta waves (approx. 12–35 cycles per second) — the habitat of the highly focused, individual ego, where most adults spend most of their time.

Reiki to the Rescue!
Yes — let's go up the ladder of consciousness instead of down! Let's get above the levels of electricity and magnetism (called, in Japanese, Denki and Jiki, respectively). Let's get up to the level of yin and yang where they are NOT chasing each other (because, at this level, magnetism does not exist). At this level, yin and yang are both complete in themselves, and in harmony with each other and with their immediate Source (the dimension or level just above them, called Shinki).

This level of yin and yang in mint condition, so to speak, is the level of Reiki. Thanks to a Japanese man, Mikao Usui, who lived on Earth a hundred years ago, we have a wonderfully simple and effective method of accessing and inhabiting the Reiki dimension, the Reiki state-of-being.

Since Usui's passing (in 1926), generations of Reiki teachers have done what humans so often do — they've added layers of complexity and mumbo-jumbo to their methods of accessing and using the Reiki dimension. In recent years, though, much information has been uncovered regarding the simplicity of what was taught by Mikao Usui himself ... and many of us are doing what we can to make that beautiful simplicity known again. Usui gave us all a key to open the gates of Eden — would you like to come along?

In case you've been a little spooked of Reiki, thinking it might be some kind of bad Juju, or something "channeled" from a miserable old Egyptian mummy whose wrappings were put on too tight — well, don't worry, it's nothing like that. Very simply, Reiki is a specific dimension or state-of-being, or energetic vibration, that you can choose to inhabit ... in order to get out of the nut house and back into Eden.

A lot of Reiki people themselves say that Reiki is "channeled" — but I don't believe it is. A lot of them believe that we bring Reiki "down from Heaven" — that it crashes through the crown of our head and comes pouring out through the palms of our hands and into whatever we touch. But I don't think so. I think people say these things just because they've heard other people say them, and because they haven't really thought about it themselves. It's like the story that Heaven is above us and God lives up there hidden in the clouds. Or that the Earth is flat. Everybody said it for Ages, therefore it must be true — right?

But to me it makes no sense. As we've already seen, Reiki is a step in the process of manifestation of All That Is. Without this step (or stage, or level, or dimension) of Reiki, nothing could come into physical manifestation. Therefore, Reiki is EVERYWHERE, within every particle of physical matter. It's an essential component of every particle of physical matter — and it's a dimensional thing, not something you can move from Point A to Point B.

If Reiki is in everything, what sense does it make to take Reiki from the atmosphere and put it into the human body? How could we even do that? And, if we did, the atmosphere — lacking its Reiki — would not continue to exist. Likewise, could you (and would you if you could?) take liver-energy from your liver and put it into your toe...? Of course not!

Another way to see the absurdity here: When you go to sleep, how do you do it? Do you gather "sleep" from the atmosphere in your bedroom ... and put it into your body? Of course not! You go to sleep by merely changing your state of consciousness; by accessing a different dimension of yourself; by changing your energetic vibration. And that's how it is with "doing" Reiki — it's just a matter of inhabiting a certain dimension or level of your own consciousness.

The Simpler, The Better
For years, my Reiki path has been one of increasing simplicity. I thought I was the king of simplicity — but recently I've met someone who may have an even simpler take on Reiki than I do! Her name is Alice Langholt. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio ... and she has come up with a system called Practical Reiki (the book is light and buoyant and liberating, and only 136 pages). If anyone can ever get mainstream America hooked on Reiki, I think Alice is the one to do it.... Go, Alice!!

As I write this, she is preparing to unleash a book called The Practical Reiki Companion — a workbook designed to be used with Practical Reiki (and I must confess, she asked me to write a blurb for the back cover of it : ^ ).


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