Try A Different Kind Of Beauty Treatment!


A Reiki practitioner can bring out your inner beauty and make you look 10 years younger!

Have you heard of Reiki? I've been practicing Reiki for 20 years and teaching it for 12, so my world includes a lot of Reiki people — and it's easy to fall into the assumption that most people have heard of Reiki by now. But I know that's really not the case. If you haven't heard of it before now, I'm delighted that you found this article, even though it will barely scratch the surface of what Reiki is and what marvelous things it can do for us.

Maybe you've heard of Reiki but still don't know what it is. Or maybe you've received Reiki treatment(s) ... or even Reiki initiation(s) ... and Reiki has become as indispensable to you as it has to me. Whatever the case, I'll do my best — in this article and later ones — to tell you things you didn't know about Reiki; to expand your understanding of it; to point out some Reiki myths and misunderstandings. 10 Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves

The most renowned proponent of Reiki nowadays is probably Dr. Mehmet Öz, who became famous for having Reiki given to his patients in the operating room, while he did surgery on their hearts. We won't get into such heavy-duty stuff today, though — we're going to talk about Beauty!

Reiki brings out your inner beauty
I don't think I've ever seen Reiki advertised as a beauty treatment — but, in fact, it is one. When you lie down on the treatment table and let your body relax, and let go of every thought that comes to you ... and you feel the gentle touch of the Reiki practitioner's hands (unless you prefer not being touched) ... you do become more beautiful. Sleeping Over Sexy? 4 Medicine Cabinet Beauty Hacks For His Place

It's not just that you feel beautiful — your body actually changes! All the tension goes out of it. Peacefulness comes in. You actually feel at home in your body — and your skin glows and your eyes sparkle, because your spirit is shining from within you, radiating out (really, I'm not kidding!) 

I used to live and work at a wonderful hot springs in the bottom of a river canyon. People came there from all over the world because the water was so extraordinary. Some of them got Reiki treatments from me ... and every time, when they and I would emerge from the treatment room after an hour of Reiki, one of the other employees would say: "You both look ten years younger!" It was true — and it would surprise her every time.

To my way of thinking, Reiki is the very best kind of beauty treatment you can get — because, instead of covering your skin (and clogging your pores) with some kind of goo, and instead of practicing chemical warfare on your hair, you're peacefully connecting with the true essence of your real Self — the one Spirit, the one Source — which lives within every particle of your body, and that essence of the real you comes radiating out into the world, and it changes your body and your feelings and everything around you! It changes the vibration of your energy, which mingles with and changes the energy of everything else. I'm Addicted to My Psychic [VIDEO]

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