The Best Health Insurance, Part 4


Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create reality. Your mind can heal you!

Well ..... you've been practicing my dietary suggestions from Part 2, and the Reiki self-treatment from Part 3 — right? HA!! I know, I know, buying real food and cooking it yourself the old-fashioned way (without microwaves) is not convenient ... and it's difficult to make time in your life for anything new, even something as pleasant as lying down for 30 minutes a day and resting your hands on your body.... : ^ )

Even so, if you want to be healthy in this very artificial and chaotic world we've created for ourselves, you will probably have to devote some attention toward that, one way or another.

In Part 1 of this series, I mentioned that, to a great extent, we each create our own reality through our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Gautama Buddha understood this, when he taught, "What we think, we become." And Mikao Usui understood it, when he wrote his Reiki Principles:

  • Just for today, Anger not, Worry not
  • Do your work with appreciation
  • Be kind to people

The Reiki Principles are, in fact, the most important part of the whole Reiki system — because, when we truly embody them in every moment of life, we are living in a perpetual state of high-frequency vibration, which brings peace and healing to us and everything around us.

The exact wording of the Reiki Principles is not crucial; the point is merely to keep ourselves focused on positive, high-vibrational thoughts and feelings. Everything is energy, and our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs do create reality. If we generate a peaceful state within us, and we trust in a greater intelligence than ourselves — a Divine Providence — and we live every day with gratitude and kindness ... then the benefits to our health will be enormous.

The best-known advocate of healing with affirmations is probably Louise Hay. I read one of her books years ago and thought, "Hmmm ... Really??" But since then I've come to realize how very powerful affirmations are.

I proved to myself — in a dramatic and nearly fatal way — not only the power of affirmations but also the power of any long-term emotional state. The woman I believed to be my absolute, irreplaceable soul-mate had thrown me out of her life ... and I spent a whole year wallowing in emotions of anger and betrayal and heartbreak. It was like quicksand; I could see what was happening to me, but I could not get myself out of it! I was engulfed in those terrible emotions, and the hurtful words she had said to me kept playing and replaying in my head, reverberating through my whole body. After a year of this, my health was destroyed. My physical heart was literally disintegrating. I came to the very edge of death. Emergency procedures were needed to keep me alive, and I was told that a heart transplant was the only thing that could really help me.

But I wasn't about to have my heart cut out and replaced with someone else's. Coming so close to death had freed me from the quicksand. I was suddenly able to let go of the negative emotions, and to understand the power of affirmations. I realized, those words that had been playing in my head for so long were nothing but negative affirmations — and there was no denying the tremendous effect they had had on my health! So, now that they were gone, I replaced them with positive ones I consciously created.

I spent hours and hours giving Reiki to my heart, while mentally saying: "Dear heart, thank you, all is well." (Years before, it came to me that "learning how to pray is learning to say thank you instead of please" — so, instead of asking my heart to be well, I thanked it for being well.) And, having spent a year feeling profoundly lost and confused, I created an affirmation to remedy that: I started saying to myself, over and over, "I know exactly what to do at every moment."

Here's the most amazing thing about affirmations: When you start to use them, you don't even need to believe what you're saying! After a year of total confusion, how could I suddenly believe that I knew what to do at every moment? I couldn't believe it! But here's how it works: Just by repeating the affirmation over and over, it gets programmed into the subconscious mind — regardless of what the conscious mind thinks of it. And the subconscious mind directs the body to manifest the affirmation as reality! And then the conscious mind is able to believe it... : ^ )

So, it wasn't long until I was finding that I actually did know what to do at every moment! And it wasn't long until my heart actually began to heal itself. I can't attribute that solely to the affirmation, because it was receiving great amounts of Reiki also (through myself and others) — but I feel sure that the affirmation played a major role.

The Words are Important!
When you create an affirmation, be sure to word it in a positive way — and make it for the present, not the future. Don't say, "I will stop eating junk food" — say, "I eat only what is good for me." Or, "I am happy and healthy." "I am completely at peace." "All is well." "I always have exactly what I need." And, when you say the affirmations, put some attention on feeling thankful, and on physically feeling the well-being of your body!

Create a habit of putting yourself in this healthy mental space, anytime your mind is idle ... and good health will become your habitual condition...!

The Power of the Mind
The mind of God (or whatever you choose to call the Higher Intelligence) created everything that exists; and we use that same mind (because it's the only one there is : ^ ) to create our personal realities. Gautama knew it, Usui knew it, Louise Hay and many others have known it. You can find many books on the subject. One that helped me a great deal is Your Mind Can Heal You by Frederick Bailes. Another great classic in this field is Ernest Holmes' The Science of Mind. You can read the entire, original, 1926 edition online, in fact. Read it here ... or read it here.

Be happy and healthy!

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