The Best Health Insurance, Part 1


Regardless of the Supreme Court and the U.S. Government, you can take charge of your own health

Do you and your family have health insurance? The U.S. Supreme Court will soon decree whether the U.S. Government is allowed to force you to buy health insurance.

Whether you like the notion of forcing everyone to buy it or not, the first question to ask is: What is "health insurance"? As defined by the Supreme Court and the Government and most people nowadays, "health insurance" is the act of paying a monthly fee in order that any services or products you obtain from the medical industry will be paid for (wholly or partly) by people other than you.

Why would anyone choose to do that? People do it because they believe they will inevitably require medical services more expensive than they themselves can afford. And why do they believe that? Because it's been programmed into them ever since childhood. Not only are we told that (by parents, teachers, and especially the medical industry itself), but we can see it happening all around us: As people age, they are subjected to increasingly severe and costly medical procedures. Everyone gets sick. No one dies healthy! And even young and healthy people are subject to catastrophic events.

But what if I told you, it doesn't have to be that way...? It is that way because that's the reality we have created for ourselves — and we are free to create a different, more pleasant reality.

Creating Your Reality
To a very large extent, each of us creates our own reality. Each person lives, literally, in a different world than anyone else — a world of his/her own creation. Even modern science is beginning to realize that there is no objective, external world in which we all live; that each person's reality is a projection created by the person's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Each of us is literally making his/her own movie of what is real, frame by frame, moment to moment. The life-energy of our being is the light bulb in the movie projector; our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create the images on the film; and the light of our being shines through the film, projecting the images on a screen. Those projected images are what we then accept as "the real world."

To a large degree, our personal movies are projected onto a communal screen; and, to a large degree, they reinforce each other. We can call this an illustration of "collective consciousness." But there are always some people who manage to break out of the mass consciousness, to go in a different direction and create a different reality for themselves. There are many people, in fact, who have been diagnosed with hopeless, incurable diseases — who have rejected the diagnosis and healed themselves! Other people often dismiss these happenings as flukes or "miracles," but they are simply cases of individuals choosing to create a different reality than the mass consciousness version.

Creating a Better "Collective Consciousness"
What I would like to see is many, many more people creating better versions of reality for themselves. And I'm confident it's going to happen. We're on the threshold of the Aquarian Age, a time of rebirth for all of humanity! Let's work together to create a better reality for everyone!

On the subject of health, let's start by admitting that the terms "health care" and "health insurance," as defined by the medical industry (and used by the majority of people) are Orwellian misnomers. The medical version of "health care" is much more about perpetuating and "managing" a state of disease than about getting anyone healthy. And "health insurance" actually ensures just the opposite — that people will suffer catastrophic disease and/or injury. Investing in a belief and a policy of "insurance" — any kind of "insurance" — is betting against oneself. It's betting that something bad will happen to us. And the bet is almost guaranteed to come true — because the belief in it is firmly planted in our consciousness and reinforced with every monthly payment; and because, in a very perverse way, we can win the bet only by losing! The bet only pays off when we are struck by some kind of disaster! So we create the disaster (even if unconsciously) in order to win the bet.

Clearly, this is the kind of thinking, and the kind of behavior, that we need to get away from. Even if it's not practical to do it in one quantum leap, we can start heading in a better direction.

In Part 2 of this article, I'll mention some very simple things that anyone can do every day, and which can bring about — almost effortlessly — genuine health care and health insurance. In the meantime, here are links to 4 articles that may give you a new perspective on the whole subject of disease and healing:

The last 2 articles are by Lissa Rankin, MD — one of the growing number of medical doctors who have come to realize the truth about disease and healing, and that the current practice of medicine must undergo a severe transformation if it is going to survive at all.

Please read these articles! You may find them very important in your own transformation of consciousness — the first step toward creating a better reality for yourself. Read and contemplate them ... and you'll be ready for the next installment (Part 2) of this article when it appears....


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