How To Handle Your 'Hurricane' Ex

How To Handle Your 'Hurricane' Ex [EXPERT]

Does your ex blow 110 MPH verbal winds?

Your ex takes a verbal jab that pushes your buttons. Like a prize fighter, you absorb the blow, take a step back, dig your heels in and get ready to go on the offensive.

You want to fight back because what you are being accused of happened a long time ago and it was never true in the first place! You get ready to return the blow, but should you? Absolutely not! Why not? Several reasons, including that by responding to your ex's jabs, you prove that your ex still has the power to press your buttons and control your emotions.

So, what should you do if you ex acts like a hurricane? Be the eye of the storm. Don't take the bait. Don't respond.

You win when you take the gloves off. Break off all meaningless communication. Your ex becomes responsible for his/her own actions rather than those hostile actions you absorb. No message is the strongest message because it simply means that whatever happens to him/her doesn't matter to you at all. Not responding also slowly breaks the emotional connection, creating space for you to heal from that relationship and move on with your life.

The next time your ex starts to create 110 mph verbal winds, take off the gloves, become the eye of the storm by staying calm. Don't respond or react and the storm shall pass.

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