A Better Mother's Day After Divorce

A Better Mother's Day After Divorce
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Mother's Day post divorce is an opportunity for the best Mother's Day ever.

Mother’s Day is one of the many holidays that can be re-created after divorce. You are not bound by old rituals or routine like going to Mother’s Day brunch every year. You can create novel ways to spend the day based on your own passions and desires. If Mother’s Day has never been your thing, you have the option to not celebrate it at all. It’s all about you when you don’t have the obligations of a husband and in-laws. You can even ignore it all together.

Here are 5 reasons why Mother’s Day could be better after divorce:

1. When you don’t have a husband you also don’t have expectations. What you do for Mother’s Day is completely within your control which means you can make it as amazing as you want. You don’t have to wait for someone else to show up for you or to make the day special.

2. You don’t have to split the holiday with your mother-in-law. Many couples end up celebrating one big Mother’s Day with all the mom’s in the family. After divorce you are free to spend it on your own or with your own mothers of choice. No obligations to outlaws are necessary!

3. The role of wife is eliminated after divorce making Mother’s Day a true celebration of your mothering role. There is nothing to distract you from truly reflecting on what it means to be a mother, and you can immerse yourself in celebrating your maternal self.

4. After divorce mother’s day can be a completely guilt free holiday. Many moms have a hard time putting themselves first, but as a single mother you can justify taking space for yourself. You work hard doing it on your own, and deserve to celebrate yourself for doing such an amazing job.

5. Not having your kids all the time will make Mother’s Day that much more special. Time with children becomes very precious after divorce so the time spent on Mother’s Day is even more meaningful. Instead of trying to get away from them, you might really cherish being with them.

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