Single This Season? Celebrate Your Breakup With A Party

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Don't spend the holidays moping about your single-hood, throw an awesome singles' party instead.

Is the ghost of Christmas past, haunting the vision of the perfect coupled-up-Christmas? It's time to start a new tradition of the new single Yule. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the holidays with a festive freedom like you've never had before.

Throw that fruitcake from last year out the window and get ready to hit Macy's for a fantastic sequined black cocktail dress. Tis' the season to be single, even if it wasn't your choice. The holidays are a good reason for dinner parties. Singles dinner parties that is.

Get out the mistletoe because you're going to need it. OK, you might not need it, but I promise you are going to want it, when the available handsome men show up at the wreath decorated door, bearing Burberry scarves, day spa gift certificates and the possibility of some new romantic holiday magic.

Just imagine … Putumayo World Christmas playing at the perfect volume on your iPod dock while you greet your guests, with the smells of your freshly shampooed hair, cinnamon-scented candles and walnut pesto-prosciutto-gorgonzola-pear bruschetta in the convection oven gently creating new smelling memories and possibilities for love in the New Year.

A very sexy single co-worker, your best friend's favorite bartender, your UPS driver that rocks his brown uniform (who just-so-happens to looks even better in jeans, a white t-shirt and a jacket), the guy from across the street who always gives you tomatoes in the summer, your cousin's best friend with the sexy 5 o'clock shadow, and your three best single girlfriends, are brimming with joy at a very adult dinner party where not one single couple has been invited.

This, my virtual friends is bliss for any single gal. No Grinch is going to steal anything this Christmas, unless it's one of the lucky guests from your fabulous dinner party who gets hold of  your heart.

My first holiday, as a new divorcee, felt pretty confusing. When you are single again, there are so many unknowns and so many questions you might ask yourself. Will I be OK all by myself? Will I ever find love again? Will I celebrate the holidays alone next year? Will I have a boyfriend, or even a date? It's a lot to think about. Are the ghosts of your past ruining your relationships? Continue reading ...

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