Horror Movie Love: Spook Your Dates Like Norman Bates

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Learn the real reason why he didn't call about that second date.

How To Be Psycho & Spook Your Dates Like Norman Bates. Why He Didn't Call

So you had a date with a man and it was one of the best dates you've had in months. The two of you went together just as nicely as the farm-fresh goat cheese plate and the delicious Rioja from Argentina that you shared. Everything at the restaurant seemed so right. You kissed at the end of the night and you could taste the sweet wine on his lips. You saw real possibilities with him. You thought for sure you would hear from him again — but you didn't. Ouch.

What went wrong? You wonder. You start to question your intuition. Then you make up reasons why he didn't call or text or anything else for that matter. There will be no more pairings of wine and cheese or your lips with his lips ever again.  So why didn't he call you? It's probably not the reasons you think. But let's dive into a few of the stories we can tell ourselves.

Your pretend 1st date made up horror movie story and why you think he didn't call.

You think he didn't call because of something you pretended was traumatic. You are being a bit dramatic here. It was your worst dating nightmare. When you went to the ladies room after having a petite spinach salad, you washed your hands and checked yourself in the mirror. Then in your head you heard sound affects from the movie Psycho. Ey ey ey ey… it was worse than the shower scene. 

No! You quietly scream inside of your head as you begin to claw at your lips. "Please God noooo! Anything but this!" It appeared that half of your salad was perfectly wedged right between your two front teeth. You would rather run into Norman Bates in a dark alley. Don't beat yourself up over the salad incident girl. This is not the reason he didn't call and at least your new accessory was organic.

The reason he really didn't call is because he thought you were a sweet women who was ready for a real relationship. Not becuase you did something scary, not becuase you are psycho. Build your self-esteem by dating like a Goddess not a creeper.

He is recently separated and is just playing the field. He wants to date lots and lots and lots of women, not just you. Don't over-analyze it and don't take it personally. Not calling you is much easier on him than to tell you detailed explanation of his exact reason of wanting to sleep with lots of women. He doesn't want to hurt your feelings, so he just didn't call.

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