The Power Of Feng Shui: 4 Easy-Fixes To Heat Up Your Love Life

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When there is good flow through your home, good things will be attracted into your life.

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Schwei), is a way to add balance and harmony in your life, by keeping good energy flow in your environment. Feng Shui can be used outside of your home, but I want to talk about Feng Shui inside your home — especially in your love den and the very special love zone area of your bedroom.

I like to work with the things that are easy fixes in your living space, and when it comes to love, the love zone in your bedroom is the most important place to work on. The main purpose of Feng Shui is to allow free flowing space where Chi, also known as energy, life force or as Yoda would say, "the force," can flow easily. When there is good flow through your home, good things will be attracted into your life. 

I have used Feng Shui in my life for years effectively, although I am no expert. I am just an epic love and Feng Shui bedroom love zone promoter. When I was married I started studying this ancient art and I realized that my husband's collection of expensive Italian horror movies, was in the relationship corner of our main living area where we spent most of our time. I asked him to move the videos to his man cave, but needless to say, we are no longer married.

So, with that said, what can you do to change the energy in your love zones and keep out the creepies? It's time to get your bedroom Feng Shui on!

1. Take out the trash. 

I'm not just talking about the garbage pickup that happens on Tuesday evening every week. I'm talking about calling up your girlfriends, popping a bottle of bubbly, listening to some dance tunes and having a clean-out-the-closet party. Give away things you don't need and never wear, and definitley throw out any old underwear.

Clutter does nothing except bog you down, and if you have to move you’'ll need an 18-foot long moving truck and a bunch of muscly movers (that would be the only benefit of keeping too much junk around). Get rid of those pants from 1999. Seriously, will you ever wear those again? Maybe they'll be back in style in about 27 years. Get more tips on how to attract the right kind of man.

2. Learn about the bagua and the love zones. 

The bagua (pronounced bog-wa), is an 8-sided octagon shaped map you can place over an imaginary or drawn picture of your home, a specific room, a bookshelf or even the top of a dresser. I use it in all areas in my home and my rooms, especially in the love zone and most importantly in the love zone area in your bedroom. There are many forms of Feng Shui, and some even go as far as using a compass, but I simply use the direction of the room as I walk through the main entrance. You can transpose the imaginary 8-sided bagua on top of the room you are wanting to amp up for more romance, love and hot sex.

3. Find your love zones. 

If you were to place an octagon, on top of your entire living space or one floor of your home, the love zone would be close to the 1 o'clock section. So the room closest to that area will be your love zone of your home. You can also break this down for each room. If you were to walk into a square or rectangle room, the love zone would be in the far right hand corner as you walk through the door. Also want to attract love with the law of attraction?

4. Give your love zones some epic love. 

You can pay attention to the main love zone room and the love zone in each room (I do both). An easy way to amp up the chi in these areas is to use soft red fabrics and things that are in sets of two. A statue of a couple, two red candles, or whatever you like that looks beautiful and feels good when you place it down on the bedside table.

Using good mood lighting in the love zone of your bedroom symbolizes the sun and will cast a nice glow on you and your lover when you're between the sheets (or whever you end up). I love to keep fresh cut flowers in the love zone of my room too, because it brings vitality and a blast of colors and good flower energy. You can even use fake flowers, as long as you keep them dusted. Don't let your man tell you that fake flowers are a no-no.

Moving objects such as chimes or spinners are good to keep the chi flowing in that area as well. I love using pinks, reds, oranges associated with love, romance and sexuality. Crystals also bring good energy, and my favorites to use are rose quartz, which is associated with love, and I feel it has a more feminine energy along side clear quartz masculine crystals for balance. Using these two together become amplified with dual energies and help the chi flow in your bedroom and be a reminder for you to let epic love flow. Get those red fuzzy blankets that you love to snuggle up with.

Even if you don't believe in the power of Feng Shui, I bet you do believe in the power of love and cleaning up your house and having reminders of good loving relationships will bring a smile to your face and remind you of what you are ready for. So make a few trips to the thrift store, or consignment store, and clear out the clutter. Get rid of old love letters and your old boyfriend's sweater. Your energy will feel lighter, and you will be one step closer to getting the love you want. 

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