3 Easy Steps Using Law Of Attraction Love Affirmations

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If you want more love in your life, learn how to quiet your mind and use affirmations the right way

If you want to attract love, a great way to start is by raising your vibration. There are 3 easy steps to get into your heart and away from your mind that will help you get the love you want. When you do this you will learn to step outside of the mind chatter and restructure your thought patterns from one of fear to one of love.

How do you do this? Take your focus away from the icky thoughts that make your heart energy go into a stop or even a downward spiral. These are the thoughts many people have today of not feeling good enough about themselves. These kinds of thoughts of critiquing and analyzing yourself, situations, the past, and things you cannot control. Follow these simple steps to feel better and attract the love you really want.

1. Do whatever it takes, and stop doing what you are doing.

Do anything you can to feel good. Meditation is one of the easiest ways to do this. So go here to sign up for the EPIC Love Newsletter and get a free heart-centering meditation. It’s time to take a breather from the things that are holding you back.

Limiting habits, beliefs, and old thought patterns are a big reason why people push love away, and just everyone can turn them off in an instant because it is what you are used to, and because the momentum is going full speed ahead… in the wrong direction. So you will want to turn it around these bad-feeling thoughts and it might not happen all at once. You’ve got to start somewhere, and the easiest way to do that is meditation.

Take a few minutes and ground yourself, then work on some law of attraction love affirmations. When you start a meditation practice your thoughts will arise and that’s OK. You will be learning to let go so the love will flow. Click here to get started with a free heart-centering meditation.

2. Stop being mean to yourself.

Whenever you notice you are talking to yourself like a nasty scolding teacher, or not-so-loving parent, be aware of what you are doing and learn to change the thought to a better feeling thought.

The thing about affirmations is if you are saying them, but not really feeling them, the universe will read your vibrations, not the words you are saying. So before you work on the second step, you need to be in alignment by using the first step of clearing your mind first.

If you are using law of attraction affirmations you will need to raise your vibration first to a positive side of the scale. After you do the raising your vibration part (with meditation or exercise or taking a bath), you can then do your affirmations.

3. Say words that are good for you.

Like these, but they are only effective if you are in a good-feeling Love-Flow space.

I care for myself deeply.

I love myself enough to be open to receive EPIC Love.

I am getting myself ready to be loving and totally lovable.

The universe is conspiring to shower me with the love I want and have already got lined up.

My life is going exactly how it is supposed to be.

I am empowered and put myself first this time.

Divine timing is at work to bring me the love I am preparing for.

When my partner and I come together, it will be like we have never been apart.

When I meet my partner it will feel like I have come home.

Things will be easy and fun.

We are 2 separate people, and when we are together it will be phenomenal.

We are connected to source and when we meet we will feel that love energy.

Love is ready for me and I am ready.

I have had time to prepare myself to meet my love.

I am surrendering control of my love life to a higher power.

Love is heading my way and I am preparing my frequency.

My life is a masterpiece that is creating a space for EPIC Love.

Love is the easiest path.

Love is the path I choose, because I deserve it.

I have nurtured the seeds of love within myself.

My love is excited to meet me and already feels my presence.

I will lovingly take care of my body and be the very best I can be.

All is well while I anticipate my lover’s arrival.

When you feel good, milk the feeling and practice retraining your thought to one of love and you will attract the love you want.

If you are tired of fighting yourself and not letting love in, get the EPIC Love Toolkit and Newsletter that will help you attract love. You will receive Dina’s free eBook “Stop Pushing Men Away & Get the EPIC Love You Want,” and her favorite heart opening meditation that will help you love yourself and learn what it feels like to be lovable and totally loved. You will notice a shift in your heart energy and so will the men. When you soften your heart you will attract the loving, kind, and sexy partner you have been waiting for.

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