Years in Practice

25 years +


Five Dock NSW 2046 - Australia


NLP, Other

Additional Expertise

Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

you are your own greatest magician .... open to the dance.

About Dianne Stewart

I am a confidence coach and facilitator - I work with people to remove obstacles and shine the light into areas of their lives they may be taking for granted, are not seeing or not even realising the gifts they have - right there! Like…

  • Transforming your view on life …..seeing things differently to experience more vitality, confidence and joy
  • Clarity and letting go of learned thinking and behavioural patterns which have served you (yes they have been brilliant) and now are locking you in to a world view that doesn’t inspire you
  • Becoming aware of where you are getting in your own way
  • Softening some of those hard thoughts which unwittingly wear you down
  • Opening up to possibilities of what you can do, be, experience

I have facilitated insights for myself and others during most of my adult life. My personal journey has been one of spiritual exploration and personal development. By this I mean being aware of and using the challenges I was facing to build greater understanding and acceptance. These have been the keys to unlock my path and allow me to move from the dark into light in my life. What happened along the way as I was learning and developing was that I noticed the people around me who were also looking for assistance, a new view, some information… and a lot of the time I helped share the light to others as I was also discovering it myself.

Now, years down the track, I have had the privilege of working one on one and in small groups with many, many people. I have learned a lot about the resilience, ingenuity and ability of human beings.   Also the wounding and gaps in our lives, which usually becomes our greatest strength and unique talents, if we can only open up to their gifts. Natural Success comes when you open to and accept all of your capabilities and the whole of who you are.

Some would describe my role as a Facilitator … sometimes I see it as a spiritual warrior… but one that is wise, expansive and gentle… from gentleness comes the greatest shift in us all. And here we are living on this amazing planet … which is also teaching us to open our eyes and minds. How do we work with its wisdom and intelligence?

What are you noticing in your everyday experience? I feel a strong shift towards opening up to the wonders that are there all around us in our every day. We are challenged by the technology and noise of our times and yet sometimes that also assists us to be connected to something beyond ourselves - that something which has so much richness and wisdom to share.

The skills and training I draw on include:

  • Enneagram Coach Practitioner  -  The Enneagram in Business
  • Master NLP practitioner – NLP Institute of California
  • Professional Certified Coach -  International Coach Federation
  • Astrologer
  • Trainer and Facilitator
  • Counsellor & Mediator

I invite you to visit my website to learn more about my work and see if there might be a fit for us to work together.