Score This Valentine’s Day - 5 MVP Worthy Gift Ideas

Happy Couple

Psst! Hey you, over there….planning your Superbowl party snacks!

There is another big day the week after the big game and if you want to score a touchdown this V-Day you need to get your head in the game now. 

Isn’t it the thought that counts?

If you want a shot at MVP this Valentine’s Day, you are going to have to think bigger. Come with me. You can do this! It’s not difficult. See yourself throwing the pass all the way down the field scoring the game winning touchdown. The play? Moving from the thought to thoughtfulness. Let’s review.

It’s the thought that counts. This play will certainly get you a first down.  It looks something like this – You stop at the grocery store on your way home from work to pick up a card, some flowers and maybe even a box of chocolates. You have done this for several years now and it seems to work.

But that my friend will not get you in the end zone and on your way to MVP.

Moving to thoughtfulness – Thoughtfulness is defined as giving special thought to something or being reflective. In order to move from thought to thoughtfulness all you need to do is reflect on your partner and what makes them happy or back to memories of special times you have shared.  What is special or unique about your relationship? How did it all begin? Using these thoughts and memories will help you purchase or create a unique Valentine’s gift your partner will love.

Ready? Here are some plays that will get you in the end zone – hut!

1. 10 Things I Love About You

Grab a piece of paper and write down 10 things you love about your partner. From the way she smells to the way she beats you every time you play Monopoly, let your imagination flow. You can type this out or hand write it. Use your creativity and imagination to make it personal.

2. Your Love Story

Create your own e-book on Canva. Think back to some of your special memories and write your very own love story. It does not have to be long; a simple approach is to document one memory per page. Some things you might want to include are your memories of your first meeting, your first kiss, meeting the parents, special trips you have taken together, times you have laughed so hard you cried or memories of making passionate love. Go with whatever comes to mind. You can do up to 30 pages for no cost and include personal pictures of your choice. You might also opt to get your love story printed and gift a hard copy.

3. Recreate Your First Date

Reminiscing is so romantic! Invite your partner on a special date. Tell her the date and time but nothing else. Keep her guessing as the date unfolds as anticipation can be one of the sexiest forms of foreplay. Recreate your very first date.  Try to remember, did I open the car door for her? If so, open it for her again. Lead her through the night just as you did the first time.

4. Personalized Jewelry

There are several companies that you can buy reasonably priced engraved jewelry items from. Something with a word, a quote, an endearment, your initials, or an image that draws to mind something special you share will be extremely meaningful. It is likely to become her favorite piece of jewelry.

5. Use Your Words

Although Hallmark is brilliant at communicating with words what we feel, your words will always mean more. You can either make your own card or add to the card that you chose, but do something more than just sign your name. Try to come up with at least one line of how you feel about her. Do you feel grateful for the love you share? Are you proud of her? Do you admire some things she has done? Can you imagine life without her? Write it. Seeing hand written comments in your unique penmanship is art to her because she adores you.

Champions always look for ways to elevate their performance. This Valentine’s Day elevate love and connection with your partner by moving beyond thought to achieve a game winning play with thoughtfulness.

I believe you are a love champion and let's be honest, this is much more important than your buffalo wings…hut!

What other ideas do you have for thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts? What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have ever received? Share your ideas and inspire someone. Just comment below!

Diane Taylor is a relationship and intimacy coach, speaker, facilitator, and blogger. She is passionate about helping others create happiness through the “relationship trinity” — their relationships with their work, their partner, and themselves. Learn more about Diane and her work at www.elevatelove.com.