6 Steps to Greater Happiness & Success


Overcoming Obstacles

If you want to overcome obstacles and realize greater happiness and success in your life, then I have some great news for you - it is much easier than you think.

When you set any kind of goal, it is a given that you will soon be running into challenges and problems. Imagine that you are currently in a job that is no longer challenging or meaningful to you. Meanwhile your friends are all enjoying great success and happiness in their careers and you are jealous and frustrated. Your current co-workers are another problem, especially the incompetent ones with the bad attitudes. You are feeling pretty stuck at the moment. What should you do?

I’m going to show you 6 simple steps to steer your life back on course. I have seen amazing results with individuals that practice this process. Here goes:

1-List the challenges you are facing. Add as much detail as you can.

2-Vote. Next to each item on your list, place a check by any problem you have control over (your attitude, your goals, seeking a new job opportunity, etc.). Anything on your list that you do not have control over, gets crossed off the list (your co-workers’ incompetence, your peers’ success, etc.).

3-Surrender everything on your list that you crossed out. It’s only an illusion that you can change other people or situations. It will be tempting to continue obsessing over these annoyances but practice setting these concerns aside in favor of the next step.

4-Put 100% focus on your list of checked items. Get your problems out in the open where you can take full ownership of them. Once you have named them, there are always individuals and resources that can help you solve them. If you want to change jobs, then figure out your next steps such as seeing a career coach or mentor, updating your resume, and doing some vocational research. If you are jealous or resentful, find out what’s missing in your own life.

5-Commit to living outside your comfort zone. It’s often more comfortable to blame other people or situations so we don’t have to accept responsibility for taking risks and changing things for ourselves. Any time we make changes or set out to accomplish a new goal, we are sure to rub up against our fears and insecurities. We will always be outside our comfort zone when we are doing something new or going after a dream.

6-Create a support network. We are meant to travel life’s challenges together. The happiest and most successful people reach out to trusted friends, mentors and advisors to seek wisdom and encouragement.

As you begin to focus your attention on where you do have control, don’t be surprised when you notice a little magic showing up in your life - Problems will get solved more quickly, you may find yourself humming from happiness, more success will be present, and you will inspire other people around you to live a more inspiring life.

Diane Sansom is a Work/Life Strategist at Opus 5 Inc. and will work with qualified individuals who want to learn how to bring more inspired impact into their lives! Visit www.opus5inc.com