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Based on cutting edge research on adult bonding, we create lasting love relationships.

One of the most magical things that I have ever experienced is watching couples transform in their relationships during a Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop.  There is nothing quite like it. Almost like watching a flower blossom, we see their faces softening toward each other, their chairs move closer together as the workshop progresses, and they often sit and hold hands. The gratitude shared from the couples for the having had the experience is almost addicting.  While it takes a lot of energy to put on the weekend workshops, it is always worth it.

Dedicate two days to enrich your relationship. It's a Relationship/Marriage Enrichment Workshop based on the book "Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love," by Sue Johnson. It will run from July 19-20, 2014. Reserve your spot now! It's one of the most successful approaches to

creating lasting loving relationships. All couples in committed relationships are welcome. The program will be facilitated by Dr. Diana Weiss-Wisdom and Mark Karris. According to the research, seven out of ten couples move from marital distress to repair through emotionally focused Couples Therapy.

Register at:

http://www.drdianaweiss-wisdom.com/Pages/WorkshopsandSeminars.aspx or call (858) 259-0146

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