On A Scale Of 1-10: Dealing With Your Diabetic Weight Gain

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Treatment of Diabetes Type 2 and Weight Gain

Here's what you NEED to know.

Many people avoid treatment of diabetes mellitus (type 2) or accept inadequate control because they fear gaining weight. They often point to friends or relatives who were put on insulin or another medication and subsequently gained weight. Many studies have been done to understand this phenomenon and to help patients control their diabetes without facing unpleasantness that is attached to the scale. 

The ACCORD study reported in diabetes care, predicts which patients are more likely to gain weight and which medications are associated with this weight gain. Uncontrolled diabetes type 2 is associated with multiple complications, which can impair the quality and length of life. However, with proper care you can greatly diminish these odds. You can talk to your doctor to figure out the best way to prevent some of the weight gain that comes from the medication, but do NOT go without treatment. 

Let us know if you experienced weight gain when your diabetes type 2 was treated. We are trying to make the latest information available to the diabetes community, to best help in any way possible. There is so much information out their that people are becoming overwhelmed.

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