Skipping Breakfast Can Increase Your Risk Of Diabetes

Men who regularly skip breakfast face an increase risk of developing Diabetes by 21%-unbelievable.

Do you skip breakfast in an attempt to get to work early in the morning? Is is possible that this behavior will lead to diabetes. A prospective study that followed 30,000 men showed that those who skip breakfast, even if they maintain a good weight and have healthy eating habits the rest of the day may be increasing their risk for diabetes by as much as 21%. A team at the Harvard School of Public Health noted that people who skip breakfast are more likely to snack on sugary foods and do less exercise. Dr. Lain Frame from the UK supports the concept of three balanced meals every day. He pointed out that the study does not indicate what people should actually eat for breakfast. We recommend a balanced breakfast that is not loaded with carbohydrates.

We need to bring back the good old days when families sat around the breakfast table discussing what they were planning on accomplishing that day. In addition to having good quality family time, eating a well balanced breakfast every day can help keep you healthy.

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