Diabetes is Not Who I am

People's attitude toward chronic diseases may affect relationships.

Many people who develop Diabetes or other chronic diseases, become angry and resentful.  While these feelings may seem appropriate, until a person accepts their disease and takes responsibility in managing it, the disease controls them rather than the other way around.  Diabetes requires a great deal of education as well as time, effort and money in order to control the blood sugar and avoid secondary complications.  Patients often receive excellent advise about diet, exercise, and appropriate medication.  Often, they ignore their spiritual and emotional needs and let Diabetes become part of their identity.  By recognizing their feelings about the disease as well as discussing these feelings with people close to them, they can imporve other aspects of their lives as well as their relationships.  By accepting the disease, learning everything possible about it, implementing that knowledge, and acknowledging their feelings as well as the feelings of the people around them, they can create successful lives in the face of Diabetes.