How To Manage Your Diabetes and Your Life

Where can I go to find inner peace? See ways diabetics search for tranquility.

In order to achieve inner peace, people need to balance all eight dimensions of their lives. They will only be as strong as their weakest link. The eight dimensions are relationships, health, money/finance, career, education, community, recreation, and spirituality. Only people with Diabetes or those with family members of diabetes can understand the time and effort they expend to control their blood sugar. Many people with type I Diabetes check their sugars five or more times a day, inject insulin multiple times every day or use an insulin pump, pay attention to everything they eat, and constantly deal with sugars that are either too high or too low in spite of their best efforts. As a result, many are unbalanced because so much of their efforts are connected with the health dimensions. While they spend more time controlling the diabetes than the average person spends on a full time job, they sometimes ignore the dimensions not related to health. It is important to recognize all human needs including dreams, hopes, and aspirations, the needs for financial security, career achievement, loving relationships, family and spiritual needs. It might be helpful to see how other people with Diabetes as well as those with different challenges achieved their inner peace. For tips to find inner peace, please click HERE!